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Johnson Cancer Research Center

K-State Cancer Fighters

K-State Students Helping K-State Fight Cancer

Cancer Fighters selling shirts in Union, Fall 2014Cancer Fighters is a student organization dedicated to raising awareness of cancer, risk reduction and K-State cancer research. Members serve as ambassadors, volunteers and fundraisers for the Johnson Cancer Research Center.

All students interested in making a difference in the fight against cancer, no matter their field of study, are encouraged to join. Some members are cancer research students, some are pre-health or other science majors, some are just interested in helping fight cancer.

The Cancer Fighters help the cancer research center with fundraisers and outreach activities, and plan their own. They have represented the center at athletic events; helped at benefit parties, dinners, rodeos and more; and planned their own outreach activities on campus. Their fundraisers are listed on our Upcoming Events page.

For more info, connect with them on Facebook/Twitter, or contact club advisor Marcia Locke, communications & outreach coordinator at the Johnson Cancer Research Center. Check out the club website they're developing, where they plan to share layperson-friendly science articles.