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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Faculty Awardees

Fall 2016


(Awarded: $114,000 - Requested: $318,196)  

Ryan Rafferty, Chemistry ($30,000)
Determining the mode of toxicity associated with 6-thiopurine administration in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Ping Li, Chemistry ($18,000)
Substrate profiling of N-terminal RCC1 methyltransferase 1 (NRMT 1)

Stefan Bossmann & Thomas Mueller, Chemistry & Biology ($25,000)
MRI-Imaging Facility for Cancer Research on Zebrafish

Yulan Xiong, Anatomy & Physiology ($18,000)
Identification and characterization of the modifiers of LRRK2 function

Gregory Finnigan, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, ($5,000)
“Systematic characterization of septin protein interactions at the yeast bug neck during the cell cycle using an evolved tripartite split GFP and antiGFP nanobodied mediated tethering strategies”

Zhilong Yang & Nicholas Wallace, Biology ($18,000)
Development of HPV-transformed tumor treatment strategy by combining vaccinia birus oncolytic therapy and DNA break repair pathway inhibition 


(Awarded: $24,768 - Requested: $94,635) 

Katsura Asano & Chingakham Singh, Biology ($7,368)
Refrigerator for Chromatography, CO2 Incubator 3, Inverted Microscope

Punit Prakash, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ($14,400)
Thermoguide software for real-time magnetic resonance imaging

Anna Zolkiewska, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, ($3,000)
PURELAB flex 3 Water Purification System


Katsura Asano, Biology ($1,000)
Travel to Montreal, Canada, to visit McGill University

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