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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Faculty Awardees

Fall 2017


(Awarded: $151,000 – Requested: $184,609)

Santosh Aryal, Chemistry ($21,000)
Natural killer cell membrane infused biomimetic liposome for tumor targeted drug delivery 

Katsura Asano, Biology ($12,000)
Biological targets of eIF5-mimic protein (5MP)—an emerging oncogenic protein that controls mRNA translation 

Amir Bahadori, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering ($20,000)
Miniaturized Neutron Spectrometer for Characterizing Cancer Risk

Rob DeLong, Anatomy & Physiology ($11,000)
Inhibiting melanoma metastasis with physiological metal oxide nanoparticle RNA conjugates

Peying Fong, Anatomy & Physiology ($11,000)
LRRC8 channels: a target for potentiation of cancer therapy

Dong Lin, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering ($24,000)
3D printing biomimetic bone structure with hierarchical and interconnected porosity for breast cancer metastasis

Masaaki Tamura, Anatomy & Physiology ($21,000)
Cancer-targeted immunotherapy with PD-L1 inhibitory peptide secretory genes and oncolytic virus for the treatment of lung cancer

Anna Zolkiewska, Biochemistry ($31,000)
The role of Protein ADP-ribosylation in Anti-tumor Immunity


(Awarded $2,500 – Requested: $2,500)

Katsura Asano, Biology ($1,000)
Domestic Travel within Japan 

Duy Hua, Chemistry ($1,500)
Travel to Japan

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