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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Faculty Award Programs

Centers of Excellence Planning Grants

Johnson Cancer Research Center faculty affiliates are encouraged to develop multidisciplinary teams, or Centers of Excellence (COE), to focus on cancer research. These COEs will be formed with the intent of developing teams that will work in parallel and in collaboration to make significant progress in specific areas of cancer research. Ultimately, these teams will develop strong preliminary data and working relationships to justify the submission of larger project grants such as NIH PO1 or COBRE P20 mechanisms.

The COE planning grants, due Aug. 1, 2017, are intended to support the preparation of an application for a two-year COE proposal for funding a multi-component COE grant to be funded at the level of up to $100K for two years (up to $50K per year).

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Innovative Research Awards

Preliminary data can be crucial to the success of a research proposal. The center will provide “seed money” for projects intended to support future grant applications. All cancer research center faculty are eligible to apply and awards will be made on a competitive basis. The requested amount is usually much higher than available funds, constraining the size of the awards we are able to make. It is unlikely that requests for major equipment or sustained support of full-time research assistants or post-docs will be successful. Funds will not be provided for faculty summer salaries, travel, or graduate student salaries. (Graduate student/postdoctoral travel to meetings and graduate student summer stipends can be funded via other award categories.) Requests will be evaluated based on potential for future funding, and preference will be given to programs not currently enjoying extramural funding. The cancer relevance of the proposed research will be a criterion of evaluation. The biannual application deadlines are Oct. 1 and March 1.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: You cannot save or re-enter the application, so have all your information ready before you start.

Core Facility Equipment Awards

New technology and the acquisition of necessary equipment can be crucial to modern research, yet funds for this purpose are often lacking. The center will fund equipment purchases for equipment and service cores that serve K-State and JCRC affiliated faculty. Our intent is to help fund high-impact equipment that can be used by large numbers of JCRC affiliates. This mechanism is only available to recognized core facilities at K-State and not open to individual labs even with the understanding that equipment will be shared. The application deadline is January 15, 2018.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: You cannot save or re-enter the application, so have all your information ready before you start.

Travel Fellowship Program

Recognizing that scientific techniques are important drivers in the progress of life science research, the center will provide funds, totaling $2,000 for each biannual competition, to cancer research faculty and their trainees to pursue travel for the following purposes:

  1. Support visits to other institutions in order to learn new scientific techniques, subsequently applying these techniques in K-State laboratories;
  2. Support new or ongoing collaborative studies that cannot be conducted without visiting colleagues at other institutions; and
  3. Introduce newly learned techniques and/or research advances to other investigators at K-State.

The funds requested should be needed for relatively brief visits and may be used for domestic travel, lodging and meals for one person per laboratory. The criteria for this competitive award include impact of the experience on the faculty member’s research program, frugality and availability of matching funds. The cancer relevance of the proposed activity will be a criterion of evaluation.

This is a very detailed application, and we need you to complete it thoroughly. Please prepare it with attention to detail and in the spirit that limited funds must benefit as many people as possible. The biannual application deadlines are October 1 and March 1. Applicants should consult the university's guidelines on reimbursable travel expenses.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: You cannot save or re-enter the application, so have all your information ready before you start.