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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Jooyoun Kim

Department: Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design

“Our research focuses on developing fiber-based biomaterials for advanced anticancer treatment via controlled drug delivery and facilitated cell regeneration. A biomaterial is intended to interface with biological systems to perform various diagnostic and treatment functions, such as drug delivery, cell growth and tissue regeneration. To attain the optimized cancer treatment, surface engineering of biomaterials, i.e., control of topography and surface energy, is important because it influences the interactions between biomaterials and biological systems.

Previous research has been on modification of surface energy and topography as a means to manipulate the wettability and surface properties of polymeric materials. Utilizing those modification techniques, we aim to fine-tune the surface properties of biomaterials to achieve controlled release of anticancer drugs.

Electrospinning process is used as a main fabrication technique to make nanostructured fiber webs, which can be applied as carriers for anticancer drugs and as three-dimensional scaffolds for cell growth. With the advancement of nanotechnology, biomaterial properties can be fine-tuned for the optimized anticancer drug delivery and cell regeneration.”