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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Our Benefactors - FY 2013

We are extremely grateful to all our generous contributors, whose gifts make our programs possible!
Our programs to advance K-State cancer research depend on private donations. No matter the size,
all gifts add up to make a difference, and stay right here at K-State—95% going directly to cancer
research and 5% to advance the university. We thank all our supporters for helping K-State fight cancer!

Fiscal Year 2013 Benefactors

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$10,000 - $49,999

Almita Augustine
Lincoln Deihl
Harvey McCarter and Marilyn Barnes
Monte and Doris Miller

$5,000 - $9,999

Jim and Kathy Haymaker
Mike and Elaine Jacobson
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Fredrick and Nancy Wolfe

$1,000 - $4,999
Cindy Augustine
Mark and Rebecca Augustine
Burke and Margery Bayer
Wayne and Nancy Cottril
Clay Harvey and Patty McGivern
Bob Hector and Lisbeth Claus
Heidi and Rich Holm
Carl Jarrett


Clyde and Midge Jones
Clark and Christy Linders
Bev Lueers
Ernie* and Esther Lukert
April Mason and Frank Heiliger
Varena Mechsner
Dale and Joan Nordstrom
Carol and Lowell Regehr


Les and Sandy Regier
Edward and Janet Rice
Kathy and Dan Richardson
Bill and Sharon Snyder
Mary Rita and Brian Spooner
Jack and Donna Vanier
Mary Vanier
Lee and Ann* Vendig

$500 - $999

Shelley and Joseph Aistrup
James Arpin
Patrick Bardsley
Ernie and Bonnie Barrett
Robert and Charlene Bierly
Gail Bryan
Larry and Edie Dahlsten
Bradley and Christina Daily
Rob and Mardi Denell
Kurt and Susan Folmer
Jad and Erin Gleue


Sondra and Skeeter Goar
Darrell and Linda Gregory
Larry and Mary Jo Heyka
Clifton and Kim Jones
Scott and Sonya Jury
Deron and Sherye Lock
Darrel and Mari Loder
Beth Montelone
Glen and Ruby Nelson
Pamela Nicklaus and Steven Simpson


Brian Niehoff
Sandra and Forest Pobst
James and Theresea Reeves
Scott Rottinghaus
Jack and Jenney Ryan
Greg Seibel
Rosemary Stroda
Ruth Welti
John White
Byron and Beverly Winans

$250 - $499

Brent and Virginia Benkelman
David Blanchard
Christeene and Lyle Butler
Shirley and Warren Carnahan
Preston and Diana Chapel
Rick* and Diane Conner
Maynard Cox*
Lloyd and Tamara Davis
Vance and Karen Donahue
Elizabeth Doyle
Dick and Janice Edwards
Kenneth Fairchild
Kay Farley
Scott Giersch
David and Debbie Harris


Karen Haynes
Ronald and Tracie Hengst
Ambrose and Christina Hill
Wanda Jepsen
Bob and Patricia Kinders
Mary Kirkham
John Krampien
Mary McDonald
Julie and Joseph Merklin
Jill Mirts
Rick and Jalayne Nelson
Lyle and LaDonna Nemechek
M D and Lorene Oppy
Larry Pankratz
Edwin and Virgina Petrik


Verlin and Elaine Pfannenstiel
Ron Prentice
Lindsay Randall
Kenneth Reitz & Christina Westby-Reitz
Cibyl and James Ronen
Steve and Margaret Sanders
Anthony and Claire Sapienza
Dan Sellers*
David and Debra Sellers
Lloyd Swart & Norma Deyoe-Swart
Bill and Marlene Trenkle
Gladys Ulrich
Patty Wheeler*
Peg Wickersham

$100 - $249

Christer Aakeroy and Yasmin Patell
Deanna Amstein
Lois Arnold
Mimi Balderson
Mary and Laverne Ballou
Sue and Robert Baron
Gregory and Lorie Billingham
Greg and Alicia Bird
John and Yvonne Bish
Mitch and Shelly Blanding
Sarah Boller
Ray and Raena Borth
James and Nancy Bowman
John and Lora Boyer
Dean Bradley
Gertrude Breault
Dennis and Debbie Breuer
Roger and Maryem Brewer
Loel and Patty Brooks
Kim and Conee Brown
Ruth Bryson
Bradley and Linda Burgess
Bill and Doris Burnett
Kevin and Teri Byrne
Matt and Norine Cannon
John and Lynn Carlin
Donna Chance
Shing Chang and Chih-Ching Ma
Virginia Channell
Art and Carol Chartrand
Kathy and Robert Chesner
Tom Colonnese and Alison Wheatley
Virginia Colvin
Jonathan Congleton
Bonnie and Brian Cramer
Donna Crawshaw
Jay and Virginia Crofoot
Larry and Jackie Cruzan
Glen Dalluge
John and Karen D'Angelo
Chris and Roxie Davis
Judy De Noon
Gerald and Tammy Dickerson
Mark and Amy Dobbins
Holly Doidge
Patrick Donovan
Douglas and Kirsten Eckard
Jane Eisenhauer
Brian Eller
Ted and Elna Ensley
John and Sara Evans
Sharon and Richard Evers
Helen Fairbanks
Sherry and Rodney Fleming
Cathy and Barry Flinchbaugh
Karen and Lamberto Flores
Ron Frazier and Linda Collins
Max Frederes
Tom and Angie Fryer
Bob and Donna Funk
Norma Gatterman
Elaine Gill
Jerry and Nancy Glasgow
Rhett Gleue
Ervin and Marleen Gnadt
Jim and Ruth Goering
J D Goodwin
Susan and Patrick Gormely
Albert and Jean Gottsch
John* and Mary Lee Graham
Rocky and Charlene Gregory
Gary and Carolyn Haden
Karen Halderson
Jeffrey and Jennifer Hancock
Nick and Lisa Hatcher
Richard and Sheila Henry
Eugene and Stephanie Herl
Eleanor Hewitt-Thompson
Edith Hodgson
Dee Hoffman Weeda
Trudie and Bill Hoffman
Donald and Judith Hollis
Ellen Hoover
Michael and Bobi Hoover


Ted Hopkins
Tyson Jelinek
Ken and June Jennison
Helen Johnson
Kent and Susan Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Bruce and Kathy Johnston
Dick Johnston
Brett and Renee Jones
Jeffrey and Brenda Jones
Mark and Kimberly Jones
Steven and Opal Jones
Ben and Lindsay Kalkman
Randall and Patricia Kampfe
Russ and Hawley Kary
Ron and Eileen Kautzman
Franklin Kinsey
Linda and Kenneth Klabunde
Phillip Klebba and Sally Newton
Doris Klee
Paul and Carol Klover
Hideo Koike*
Jim and Linda Kotas
Margo Kren
Buster and Judy Laughlin
Doug and Kelly Law
Patrick and Deborah Lee
Steven and Sandra Leete
Parker Liebl
John and Mildred Lindholm
Shelli Longdean
Ann Look
Larry and Randee Loomis
James and Lynne Lundberg
Chih-Ching Ma and Shing Chang
Doris Malin
John Mann
Tahnee and David Maples
Bret Marcotte
Dick Marston and Nancy Cumming
Jeanne Martin
Richard and Eileen Marzolf
Lowell and Janice May
Quentin and Kristin McArthur
Bob* and Nancy McConnell
Mark and Shannon McCormick
Mary Ann McCoy
Karen and John McCulloh
Carter McEntee
Daniel and Kimberly McEntee
Alice McFall
Richard and Marge McKittrick
Scott and Diane McVey
Doug and Jody Meier
Jay and Doris Merrill
Tracey and Richard Meyer
Jim and Irene Miller
Kenneth and Paula Miller
Jeff and Jacki Mitchell
Nicole and Emilio Montanez
Jannessa and Matthew Moore
Troy and Carol Moore
Scott and Kalynn Mueller
Larry and Sandy Murphy
Cody Murray
Subbaratnam and Asha Muthukrishnan
Galen and Violet Myers
Margery Neely
Janis Newberry
Jay and Anne Newcomer
Karen Nickel-Creusere
Deborah Nicklaus
Monty and Anne Nielsen
Gus and Judy Noll
Jim and Barbara Nunns
Tom Nunns
Dennis and Christine Olin
Rock and Stephanie Ormiston
Madeline Oyola-Cruz
Kelli Park-Fuhrmann and Allen Fuhrmann
Pat Patterson
Linda Patton
Ashley and Kurt Peintner


Pat Pesci and Betsy Barrett
Clinton Peterson
Dustin and Molly Petrik
Grant Poole
Ronald and Sue Poor
Stephen and Donna Porter
Lisa and Kit Portz
Charles Posl
George and Marjorie Pretz
Beverly Price
Cheryl and Randall Regehr
Roger and Virginia Reitz
Lisa Richards
Bill and Linda Richter
La Moyne Riffel*
Betty Robertson
Susan and Dennis Rogers
Michael and Cindy Ruggiero
Phil and Jacqueline Russell
Linda and Tex Sato
Robert and Deborah Schmitz
Robert and Evelyn Schoeff
Cynthia Schoeppel
Jeff and Pamela Schrock
Mark and Judy Schrock
Richard Schroeder and Kristine Fletcher
Ray Schumaker
Mark Schwartz
Randy Sedlacek and Mary Ventura
Brad Seibel
Harold and Kathleen Selvidge
Rix and Phyllis Shanline
Andrew Shimon
James Shirley
Jane Sieloff
Joseph and Beverly Smith
Kent and Eloise Smith
Suzanne Smith
Betty Smykal
Joannie Sneed
Steve Sobba
Paxson and Kelly St Clair
Judy Stehley
Susan and David Stroberg
Robert and JoAnn Stumpff
William Sutton
Ron Sweat
Pat Sweeney
Ron and Karolyn Tacha
Joe* and Tanya Tappehorn
Robert Tasset
Kathryn and DeWayne Taylor
Donald Tharp
Roberta Thimmig
Doris Tracy
Caroline Tsen
Tom and Marilyn Tucker
Doris Twitchell
Willie and Elizabeth Vaughan
Darren and Trudy Vaupel
Brandy and Laird Veatch
Chuck and Fran Veatch
Peggy Verschelden
Pat and Gene Vining
Eileen Voth
Dave and Lynn Wagner
Daniel and Kristen Walseth
Karen Walters
Clyde* and Lois Watson
Wilma Weckerling
Carl and LaJean Whitcomb
Susan and Steve White
Jennifer and David Whiteside
Michael Wickley
Vi Wilkinson
Jeral and Jeny Williams
Richard and Ellen Willis
Brent and Carrie Winans
Elizabeth Winans
Keith and Sue Ann Wright
Jatrice Wyatt
Stephen and Donna Wyly
John Wynn
Chris Yao
Carol Ann and Allen Zimmerman

Under $100

Doug Ackley
Carol and David Adams
Donnel Adams & Karen Wells Adams
Kenneth and Wilma Adams
Teresa Adams
Loren and Donna Alexander
Joyce Allen
Joyce and Dell Allen
Robert and Linda Ames
Vergie and Mark Anderson
Joseph and Daralyn Arata
Sidney and Emily Arpin
Rebecca and Robert Avery
Steve and Pat Baccus
Mary Barkley
Tim and Cathy Barr
Roger and Janice Barrons
Todd and Janet Barrows
Verla and Steven Bartholomew
Gailand Bartlett
Charles and Kathryn Bascom
Mary Bastian
Gretchen Bauman
Max and Sue Bayer
Fran Beaty*
Robert and Rebecca Beckley
Kari and Jordan Bell
Phyllis and Lyle Berges
Lavina Berner
Dean and Pat Bertholf
Todd Bielefeld
Virginia Bigbee
Patricia Binek-Singer & Richard Singer
Byron and Donna Bird
Elmer and Roxie Blankenhagen
Paul and Kathy Blasing
Galen Boehme
Rickey and Lisa Boeschling
Don and Rosemary Boggs
Bethany and Rodney Bohn
Jack and Delores Bolding
Betty Book
Rosalyn Borchers
Carlos and Mootjarin Borrero
Mary and Craig Bourne
Benjamin and Carrie Boyle
Rodney and Sondra Bracelin
Eunice Bradley
Roger and Doris Brannan
Bill and Sylvia Brethour
Richard and Jean Bridges
Joyce Brite
Robin and Greg Brown
Frank and Margaret Buchman
Leann and Matt Buethner
Larry and Boni Butel
Martha and John Butel
Jean Butler
Don and Marian* Button
Darci and Brent Cain
Mac Callaham
Betty Campbell
Keith and Joanne Carr
Robert and Kimberly Carr
Kenny and Christine Carter
James and Marcia Chacon
Craig and Vicky Chamberlin
Shelby Chapman
M M and Muthu Chengappa
Theodore and Judith Christian
Courtney and Shawna Clarke
Gayle and Gabriel Cline
Joe and Pauline Conley
Robert and Sue Connelly
Leo and Sybil Converse
Dale and Marjorie Coonrod
Huey and April Counts
Kelli and Monty* Cox
Robert and Melissa Cox
Vera Coyle
Mark and Melanie Crawford
Jody and Gilbert Crocker
Charles and Carole Crumbaker
Satoris Culbertson
Dana Custer
Evelyn and Wyatt Dakken
Randi and Melvin Dale
Amy Damon
Clark and Nancy Danner
Dirk and Sherri Daveline
Margery Davidson
Dean and Marlene Davis
Duane and Pamela Davis
Mark and Teri Davis
Rita Dawson
Diane and Tom Deaver
Joseph and Sandra Detrixhe
Pamela and Nathan Diekmann
Kathi Dixon
Lyle and Carol Dixon
Jerry and Ileene Donnelly
Michael Donnelly & Jackie MacDonald
Ledona Dowell
Larry and Tami Duch
Jerry and Debora Dugan
James and Evelyn Dunham
Tiffany and Zeke Durr
Bradley and Hallee Edwards
Janet and Morris Edwards
Suzanne Edwards
Juliavina Ellis
Morris and Julia Engle
Roger and Jayne Engle
Larry and Laurel Erickson
Alice Evans*
Dennis Ewy and Patsy Daubert-Ewy
Marsha and Mont Fair
Jeannine Fairchild
Randall and Lindy Faith
Joe and Cristina Fanning
Dan and Becky Filbert
Leonard and Janet Finney
Ricky and Jan Fisher
Steve and Karla Fisher
Donna Fitzgerald
Jane Floersch
Jack and Peggy Flouer
K G Focke-Kent and Bruce Kent
Jack Foster
Kevin and Shelley Fox
Ruth and Raymond Fox
Ron* and Vicki Francis
Janet and Fred Freeby
Gloria Freeland and Arthur Vaughan
Karen Freeman
Edward and Margaret Freshnock
Edward and Lorita Frey
Patricia Frey
Max Friesen*
Nancy and John Friesen
Constance Fulkerson
Rick and Beverly Fulton
Steven and Janis Galitzer
Tiffany Galtress
Jane and Burton Garrett
John and Ginger Garwick
Jim and Lorraine Gaskell
Anna Gates
Bruce and Ann Gatterman
Terry Geisler
Gregory and Jean Gleason
Bruce Glymour & Ellen Koppitz-Glymour
Jean and Cary Gobber
Orville and Erma Gobber
Joann Goldstein
Danielle and Bob Goodband
Thomas and Mary Granzow
Joe and Jane Gray
Linda Grimes


Lance and Mina Grutzmacher
Kate Guill
Marsha and Gail Habluetzel
Angela and Jerald Hageman
George and Alice Ham
Patricia Hamburg
Gary and Donna Hanna
James and Jerry Harding
Albert* and Margaret Harenchar
Bob and Annette Harlan
John Harrell and Maria Ward Harrell
Lyle Harrell*
Gwen and Leslie Harris
Pat Hartman
Gail and Carolyn Harvey
Randy and Lynda Hassler
Michelle Haupt
Nancy Havenstein
Scott and Debbie Haverkamp
Jan Heath
Janelle and Mark Hegarty
Chuck Heinz
Johncie and Jospeh Heise
Dennis Hemmendinger & Sue Maes
Carrol Henderson
Greta Ann Herin
Robert and Cheryl Herman
Carroll and Velma Hess
Marjorie Heyne
Deena and Brent Hilbig
Joleen Hill
Ronald and Bette Hirst
James and Carolyn Hodgson
Jim and Laura Hohenbary
Terry and Natalie Holdren
David and Katherine Holm
Carolyn and Guy Holmes
Mal and Glenn Hoover
Erick and Karen Horton
Dawn and Nathan Hoyle
Jean Hulbert
Lisa and Bryan Humphries
Hunter and Rae Jean Hunt
Kathy Huntzinger
Virginia Hurtig
Darrell and Connie Hutchinson
Donald and Geraldine Ince
Raymond and Marcelin Innes
Derek and Michella Jackson
Ron and Janis Jackson
Sierra and Matt Jackson
Geneva Jahnke
Linda Jeffres
Jean and Jim Jensby
Barbara and Robert Johnson
Charles and Monette Johnson
Diane Johnson
Dwight and Roberta Johnson
Ingrid and Leonard Johnson
Karla Johnson
Lloyd and Marilyn Johnson
Lucille Johnson
Bradley Johnston
Dennis Jones
Ivan and Vicki Jones
Joe and Barbara Jones
Richard and Jean Jones
Russell* and Jackie Jones
Virginia Joyce
David and Brenda Juby
Bob and Ann Judd
LaDonna and Gary Junghans
Betty and George Kandt
Norma Karhoff
Jayne and Mark Karmann
Linda Kearn
Gilbert and Joyce Kemnitz
Penny Kenney
Sandra Kibler
Karen Kindhart
Doug and Eileen King
Elzene and Lovelle Kirchhoff
Harvey and Janet Kiser
Kathern Kleiner
Deanna Klenda
Emily and Matthew Klenda
Scott and Nikki Knappenberger
Susan and Jim Koelliker
Tim and Amy Kolling
Stephan and Maureen Konz
Linda and Dannie Lake
Scott Lake
Michelle and Lance Langvardt
Bill and Heather Lansdowne
Lori Lee
Yonghai Li
Ashley and Ross Lignitz
Orival and Jean Linder
Brian and Erika Lindshield
Marcia and Bryan Locke
Christina and Craig Love
Pat Lovett
Linda Lukert-Devoe & Dick Devoe
Dennis and Beth Lull
Deb Lust
Donald and Barbara MacKintosh
Ron and Linda Madl
Sheryl and John Maguire
Harold and Connie Mai
Ray and Geraldine Mann
Ed and Deanna Markley
Roberta Marstall
Philip and Janet Mathews
Bernie and Mary Mayer
Dick McChesney
Don and Sondra McCosh
Ken and Lylah McCosh
Bob McCosh
Georganna and Dick McCrary
Anita McDiffett
Clial* and Georgia McDonald
Betty and Richard McGehee
Ron and Sally McKinzie
Douglas and Carol McLean
John and Joanne McNair
Ruth McNish
Tom McNish
Kip and Elisa McNorton
Wanda McVey
Betty Meier
Joe and Darylene Meinhardt
Cyrilka Mellor
Elaine and Douglas Meloan
Joy Mendez
Jerry and Susan Meng
Jerry and Jackie Mershon
Kimberly and Joe Mertz
Ted and Florence Metcalf
Dorothy Meyer
John Meyer
Virginia and George Meyer
Helen and Forrest Miller
Mike and Barbara Miller
David and Linda Miller
Charles and Grace Monitor
Bob and Janis Moore
Philip and Nancy Moos
Duane* and Norma Morey
Gregory and Barbara Morgan
John and Lori Moser
Mike and Becky Mosier
Susan and Ray Mueller
Bob and Jane Mullen
Pat and Ann Murphy
Sherrie Nash and Robert Willems
Elizabeth and Kent Nelson
Kathleen Newell
Bob and Lou Newsome
Edward and Roselyn Nicklaus


Floyd and Billie Nolder
Pauline Norby
Michael and Jeridy Oetken
Rosella OggLaddi and Jeff Oliphant
Martha Olson
Larry and Barbara O'Neill
Cris Oppert
John and Judith Oswald
Carol Oukrop
Jennyfer and James Owensby
Garry and Dona Pack
Noel and Judith Park
Eula Mae and Leonard Parker
Susan and Chuck Partridge
Scotty and Karin Patton
Avelina Paulsen
Porleow Paynter
Susan and John Pender
Gary and Vicky Peterson
Tara Pfaff
Kristin Pfizenmaier
Glenn Phelps and Janice Dinkel
Jeffrey and Rachel Pickering
Kirk and Susan Pickett
Robert and Lori Poeske
Ron and Barbara Price
Patricia and Thomas Prochazka
Spencer and Marilee Puls
Leonard and Sharon Purvis
Ann and Fritz Pyle
Mark and Cindy Raaf
Shirley and Robert Raney
Kevin and Kim Rasure
Ami and Tanner Ratzlaff
Robert and Edith Rawson
Kevin and Sarah Reade
Jean and Dale Reed
John and Mary Beth Reese
Wendy Reeves and Michael Veeman
Jean Reiter
Steven Releford*
Donna Relihan
Amy and Allen Renz
Larry and Colleen Riley
Lloyd and Mary Ringel
Phoebe and Steve Rinkel
Louis and Rosine Robert
Barbara Roberts
Carolyn Roberts
Charlotte Roberts
Mark Roberts
Warren and Colleen Roblyer
Jeroen Roelofs and Stella Lee
Harold and Kathy Roesler
Janice Rood
David and Ann Rubin
Dan Russell & Janelle Carmichael-Russell
Jim and Sue Ryan
Tim and Karen Ryan
Joan Sage
Bobby and Kathleen Sailors
Jack and Sandy Salava
Trudy and Dick Salsberry
Jack and Arvy Sampson
Barry and Molly Sarvis
Stephen and Paula Sauder
Robert and Daisy Schalles
Megan and Justin Scheve
Sheri Schlotfelt
Kristy Schmidt
Robert and Helen Schmitz
Dave and Bernice Schoneweis
Robert and Mary Schornick
Jacquelyn Schrag
Dale and Patricia Schurr
Ruth Segers
Sy and Carolyn Seyler
Leona Shandy
James Shoriak
Ken and Sue Shultis
Donald Skinner & Constance Strand
Betty Smith
Daniel Smith
Jerry and Marlene Smith
Kathryn Snell
Karen Solt
Jean Sonnenfield & Gareth Morgan
Linda Sorell
Melvin and Dana Staatz
Rhonda and Tim Stadel
Bill and Rae Stamey
Alan and Cynthia Stein
Jonathan Stepp
Verl and Betty Stevens
Nichole Stoddard
John Stonner
Joe and Mary Lea Stout
DeAdre and Daryl Strouts
Dala and Kenneth Suther
David and Suzan Svoboda
Leon and Janet Sylvester
Masaaki and Pamela Tamura
Jamie and Brent Taylor
Joan Taylor
Delmer and Judy Thoman
Susan and Larry Thomas
Barbara Thompson
Julie and Dick Thompson
Robert and Jannette Thompson
Rosalie Thompson
Don and Joan Thomson
Judy and Frank Toman
Tyler and Rebecca Traxson
Janelle Trummel
Paul Van Nostran
Libby and Robert Vathauer
Gavin and Kylie Vaughn
Dawn and Darron Veh
Jerry and Sharon Volkman
Bill and Nancy Volkmann
Isaac Wakabayashi
Clay Walter
John and Marlyn Walters
Alan and Lila Waltner
Betty Waters
Joseph and Tongta Watson
Wanda Watson
John and Susan Watt
Gary Waugh
Francis and Mary Wehner
John and Susan Wempe
Alvin Wendland
Aaron and Tiffany Wertenberger
David and De Werth
Lou West
Jane Westfall
James and Megan Whitney
Kim Whittington
Dan and Beth Wilcox
Gene* and Phyllis Wiley
Shelda and Cody Wilkinson
Scott and Frances Willbrant
Eugene and Carol Williams
Larry and Ruth Williams
Nancy Williams
Robert and Diana Williams
David and Julie Winter
Larry and Sandra Wolfram
Ronald Wood
William and Marla Wood
Kenneth and Pamela Woods
Joyce Woodward
Verl and Kris Wurtz
Laura and Donnie Wyant
Gary and Susan Yenzer
Rolland and Sharon Zier
Harry and Linda Zimmerman
Arlys Zoellner
Michal Zolkiewski & Anna Zolkiewska

Businesses & Organizations

A W & Nellie B Armstrong Foundation Inc

A W Fredenburg PLS

Acres Inc

Ag By Air

Albany International Corp

Alpha Kappa Psi, K-State business fraternity

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17

Animal Care Clinic

Antognini LLC

Assessment Technologies Institute LLC

Bayer Construction Co Inc

BG Products Inc

Blueville Nursery Inc

Bobby Dodd Coach of The Year Award Foundation Inc

Boy Scout Troup #52

Brooks & Olson

Butel Farm Inc

Carol F Hayes Rev Trust

Cats For A Cure

Cigarettes 4 Less Inc

Citizens National Bank

Clare Generator Service Inc


Crop Management Inc

Deby's Finishing Touch

Dental Associates of Manhattan

Dental Health Professionals

Dick Edwards

Doris M Setterquist Trust

Douglas County Bank

Edward Jones


Elite Motors LLC

Endacott Lighting Inc

Entergy Services Inc

Faith Furniture Inc

FB Capital Management of Kansas Inc

First Data Corporation

First Financial Bank

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Fredonia High School

Ft. Riley Our Community Spouse Club

Glennis Waunita Mumma Living Trust

Halderson Farms

Hartland Hearing Care Centers

Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc

Independence High School

J Glaves Attorney At Law

Jefferson Elementary School

Kansas Chapter 13 NAPUS

Kansas Farm Bureau Foundation

Katherine L Kelman Trust

Kaw Valley Rodeo Association

Kazoo Marketing LLC

K-State Federal Credit Union

KSU Dept of Entomology

Ladies Auxiliary

Laurene Reimer Trust

Liberal Animal Hospital PA

Manhattan Optimist Club

Manhattan Wamego USBCWBA

Marilyn L Lindsay Trust



Medical Center Pharmacy

New Beginnings Hairstyling Salon

Nunns Construction Inc

Orange Leaf frozen yogurt

Parmely Farms

Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honor society

Phi Omega Pi

Positive Air LLC

Purple Swirl Frozen Yogurt

Richard A Stefani Attorney At Law

Rocking M Radio Inc

Ronald L & Karen A Reade Trust

Ruth A Dvorak Charitable Trust

Sellers Equipment Inc

SMH Consultants PA

Smoky Valley Chiropractic PA

Spur Land Inc

Stephens Advanced Woundcare LLC

Susan B Anthony Middle School

T James Armatys Trust

Thompson Law Office

Town Realty

Trust Company

Two West Inc

United Bank & Trust

United Commercial Travelers

United Floor Company

VFW Auxiliary

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Western States Fire Protection Co

Winans Oil Inc

XI Epsilon MU

* deceased