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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Our Benefactors - FY 2014

We are extremely grateful to all our generous contributors, whose gifts make our programs possible!
Our programs to advance K-State cancer research depend on private donations. No matter the size,
all gifts add up to make a difference, and stay right here at K-State—95% going directly to cancer
research and 5% to advance the university. We thank all our supporters for helping K-State fight cancer!

Fiscal Year 2014 Benefactors

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$100,000 and above

Les & Virginia Clow

$10,000 - $49,999

Lincoln Deihl

$5,000 - $9,999

Gailand Bartlett
Gail Bryan
Mike and Elaine Jacobson
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Fredrick and Nancy Wolfe


The Land Grant Legacy Society represents the past, present and future of Kansas state University. Part of the KSU Foundation Presidents Club, the society honors alumni and friends who have chosen to support K-State by including it in their estate plans. By remembering the Johnson Cancer Research Center in their estate plans or deferred gift arrangements, these friends ensure future opportunities for the students and faculty of tomorrow.

Jim and Cibyl Ronen

$1,000 - $4,999

Marcella Anderson*
Cindy Augustine
Mark and Rebecca Augustine
Burke and Margery Bayer
Russell and Ilene Briggs
Wayne and Nancy Cottril
Timothy Dougherty
Bob Hector and Lisbeth Claus
Chuck Herr*
Carl Jarrett
Clark* and Christy Linders


Darrel and Mari Loder
Bev Lueers
Patricia Massey
Harvey McCarter and Marilyn Barnes
Daniel and Kim McEntee
Varena Mechsner
Beth Montelone
Ward and Brenda Morgan
Dale and Joan Nordstrom
Carol and Lowell Regehr


Les and Sandy Regier
Edward and Janet Rice
Kathy and Dan Richardson
Cibyl and Jim Ronen
Scott Rottinghaus
Barbara Snyder
Tanya Tappehorn
Jack and Donna Vanier
Mary Vanier
Lee and Ann* Vendig

$500 - $999

Norman and Malinda Anderson
Robert and Charlene Bierly
Robert and Gloria Cox
Larry and Edie Dahlsten
Rob and Mardi Denell
Jad and Erin Gleue
Clay Harvey and Patty McGivern


Pamela and Mark Hatesohl
Clyde and Midge Jones
Cynthia and John LaBarge
John and Mildred Lindholm
April Mason and Frank Heiliger
Janis Newberry
Brian Niehoff


M D and Lorene Oppy
James and Theresea Reeves
Cheryl and Randall Regehr
Jack and Jenney Ryan
David and Debra Sellers
Rosemary Stroda
Margaret Stumpff

$250 - $499

Ernie and Bonnie Barrett
Brent and Virginia Benkelman
David Blanchard
Ray and Raena Borth
Terrance Brown
Christeene and Lyle Butler
Wynn and Mary Ann Butler
Donald and Deborah Cheswick
Max Conde
Michele and Roger Denning
Damian Deters
Elizabeth Doyle
Alfred Eichman
Scott Emley
Michael and Barbara Finnegan
Scott Giersch
Penny and John Gisselbeck
Rhett Gleue
Sondra and Skeeter Goar


J D and Peg Goodwin
David and Debbie Harris
Karen Haynes
Michael Herman & Linda Kroeger-Herman
Harry Hershey
Trudie and Bill Hoffman
Sharon Jensen
Pamela Johnson
Mary Kirkham
Doris Klee
Marilyn Lightcap
Judy Mamura
Nancy McConnell
Bradley and Sandra Meredith
Julie and Joseph Merklin
Jim and Irene* Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Rick and Jalayne Nelson
Harlan and Katherine Oltjen


Pamela Parker
Edwin and Virgina Petrik
Jannette Quiett
Daryl and Traci Reust
Matt Sandbulte
Dean and Marjorie Schowengerdt
Tom and Patty Seitz
Sandra Smith
Steve Sobba
Lloyd Swart and Norma Deyoe-Swart
Virginia Swiercinsky
Jill and Sean Trego
Bill and Marlene Trenkle
Robert Weems
Carl and LaJean Whitcomb
Peg Wickersham
Marge Willhite
Byron and Beverly Winans

$100 - $249

Carol and David Adams
Victoria Akers
Shawn Alexander
Marcia Bailey
Karen Baker
Richard and Shirley Baker
Carol Balding
Mary and Laverne Ballou
Eric and Jennifer Barner
Bart and Mary Bartholomew
Beverly Beach
Robert and Rebecca Beckley
Harry and Marlene Beckman
Gregory and Lorie Billingham
June Blanchard
Tracy Book
Ralph and Shirley Bowen
Gary and Judy Boyd
Marion Boydston
Robert and Theresa Bramlage
Bruce and Jeanne Branson
Gertrude Breault
Kimberly Breneman
Debra and Bob Brennan
Dennis and Debbie Breuer
Roger and Maryem Brewer
John and Donna Marie Rome Brower
Ruth Bryson
Dylan and Jessica Buettgenbach
Lois Burchett
Orley Burgess
Bernie and Sherry Butler
John and Lynn Carlin
Shirley and Warren Carnahan
Ben and Amanda Cather
Donna Chance
Shing Chang and Chih-Ching Ma
Virginia Channell
M M and Muthu Chengappa
Kathy and Robert Chesner
Craig and Michelle Clennan
Patricia and Dean Conkwright
Kathryn Conner
Gary and Abigail Conrad
Curtis Cordell
Rick and Gayle Cornwell
Donna Crawshaw
Larry and Jackie Cruzan
Glen Dalluge
Chris and Roxie Davis
Judy De Noon
Daniel and Carey Divilbiss
Dave and Rosemary Divilbiss
Mark and Amy Dobbins
Terry and Nina Dow
Kathleen Durr
Jan and Rob Eichman
Jason and Elizabeth Embick
Don and Sandra Emley
Susan and Harold Erichsen
David Faulhaber
Cam and Britt Feltner
Sherry and Rodney Fleming
Jack Foster
Ron Frazier and Linda Collins
Brian and Erika Geisbrecht
James and Joy Gerlaugh
Ervin and Marleen Gnadt
Jim and Ruth Goering
Noel and Pam Goldsmith
Joann Goldstein
Susan and Patrick Gormely
Robert and Edna Grant
James Grimm & Mary Ann Bivans-Grimm


Kate Guill
Doug and Monica Gunter
Ted and Doris Harder
Bob and Susanne Haymaker
Lori Hein
Max and Mary Helm
Richard and Sheila Henry
Angie Herbers and Andrew Zink
Eugene and Stephanie Herl
Larry and Mary Jo Heyka
Edith Hodgson
Regina Hoffman
Jim and Laura Hohenbary
Donald and Judith Hollis
Patricia Hook
Ellen Hoover
Michael and Bobi Hoover
Alma Howland
Sadami and Duy Hua
Lary and Marlene Hummel
Kate Jacobson
Dennis and Mendy Jarman
Ken and June Jennison
Wanda Jepsen
Alvan and Kristin Johnson
Kent and Susan Johnson
Mark and Kimberly Jones
Steven and Opal Jones
Carroll and Karilea Jungel
Ron and Eileen Kautzman
John and Patricia Kennedy
Sandra Kibler
Linda and Kenneth Klabunde
Paul and Carol Klover
Richard Kobarg
Jim and Linda Kotas
Rob and Cindy Kulp
Linda Linin
Genevieve Link
Bob and Norma Lippold
Brad and Carolyn Lohr
Ann Look
Gary Lutz*
Duane and Shirley Lyon
John Mann*
Courtney Martin
Dan and Georgia Maxwell
Joe and Rebecca Mayfield
Don and Sondra McCosh
Ken and Lylah McCosh
Bob McCosh
Georgia McDonald
Alice McFall
Betty Meier
Jerry and Vivian Meyer
Lorraine Millikan
Dana Minihan
Lucile Missimer
Doug and Kathy Moore
Troy and Carol Moore
Virgil and Jean Morris
Subbaratnam and Asha Muthukrishnan
Leslie and Josh Neilson
Linda Nelson
Donald Nickerson
Joan Nimtz
Marla and Bryan Nispel
Tom Nunns
Dennis and Christine Olin
Brian and Jennifer Olsen
Jay and Rita Oltjen
Carol Oukrop
Steven and Melanie Owens
Gregory Palmer


Pat Patterson
Charles and Jann Pendry
Michael Peters
Dustin and Molly Petrik
Jerry Pettle* and Katie Philp
Phil Pfeifley
Carl Pickens
Grant Poole
Stephen and Donna Porter
Leigh* and Connie Poston
George and Marjorie Pretz
Beverly Price
Spencer and Marilee Puls
Leonard and Sharon Purvis
Rebecca Rich
James Roberts
Raymond and Lydia Robinson
Jeroen Roelofs and Stella Lee
Susan and Dennis Rogers
Graham and Rebecca Rose
Marilyn Russell
Linda and Tex Sato
Laura Sayler
Shawn Schieber
Eric and Kristin Schoeff
Cynthia Schoeppel
Tim and Angie Schultz
Ty and Karen Schwertfeger
Diana Scott
Barry Seidel
Roger and Connie Sink
Joseph and Beverly Smith
Joannie Sneed
Eugene and Jean Snell
Kathryn Snell
Bob and Lila Snell
Judy Stehley
Marla and John Stewart
Karen Stryker
Sharon and Tony Sump
William Sutton
Ron Sweat
Amy Sword
Kathryn and DeWayne Taylor
Jennifer and Derrick Teufel
Roberta Thimmig
Mark and Deborah Thompson
Henry and Angela Thorpe
Larry and Darlene Tillitson
John and Marilyn Tomich
Forrest Topping
Doris Tracy
Doris Twitchell
Michelle and Mark Ummel
Willie and Elizabeth Vaughan
Peggy Verschelden
Pat and Gene Vining
Jennifer Wagner-Lynch & William Lynch
Clyde* and Lois Watson
Jerry Weis and Linda Browning Weis
Ruth Welti
Naomi Wenger
Larry and Jane Whisman
Susan and Steve White
Michael Wickley
Duwayne and Myrial Wiebe
Jeral and Jeny Williams
Richard Willis
Elizabeth Winans
Billie Woodward
Keith and Sue Ann Wright
Andrew and Kelly Zender
Carol Ann and Allen Zimmerman
Michal Zolkiewski and Anna Zolkiewska

Under $100

Ruth and Tom Abbott
Kermit and Ramona Adams
Carol Adolph
Cheryl Agnes
Loren and Donna Alexander
Royce and Kathleen Alexander
David and Evelyn Allen
Marlin and Velma Ames
Judy Anderson
Vergie and Mark Anderson
Terry and Rex Arb
Robert and Henriette Area
John and Karen Armbrust
Emma Atherly
Amanda Atkinson
Harold and Bonita Bailey
JoAnne Balthazor
Joanne Barkyoumb
Tim and Cathy Barr
Roger and Janice Barrons
Todd and Janet Barrows
Brent and Amy Bayer
Charles Beckom
Howard and Crystal Behnke
Carolyn and Raymond Bell
Phyllis and Lyle Berges
Ruth Berggren
Lavina Berner
Jack and Betty Bernritter
Lila and Larry Bestwick
Henry and Joann Beugelsdijk
Virginia Bigbee
Brett and Cheryl Biggs
James and Mary Birkbeck
Douglas and Julie Biswell
Ronald and Phyllis Bitts
Denby and Jacqueline Blackwell
James Blaine
Ashley and Cody Blake
Marie Blythe
Brian and Jill Bobier
Christy and Ronald Boerner
Mickey Bogart
Thomas and Sharon Bolyard
Linda and James Bongers
Betty Book
Alan and Regina Borthwick
Catherine and Vincent Bosch
Rheva Boswell
James Bothwell
Mary and Craig Bourne
John and Lora Boyer
Judith and Emmet Brake
Mark and Gloria Brake
Charles and Dorothy Bramhall
Carol Brandert
Darrell and Pat Brensing
Richard and Jean Bridges
John and Suzanne Broberg
Michelle Brock
Harold and Elizabeth Brown
Dave and Kathy Brunin
Bill Butler
Don Button
Ed and Jo Call
Sharon and Jerry Callabresi
Betty Campbell
Janet Carl
Sydney and John* Carlin
Royal Carlson
Kyle Carothers
Sue and Myron Carpenter
Connie and Kent Carr
Kenny and Christine Carter
Victoria and Thomas Carvalho
Jean Case*
Kimberly and Shannon Casebeer
Brent and Chelsea Cashier
Daniel and Diane Cashier
Michael and Karen Cather
Sandra Chandler
Preston and Diana Chapel
Stephen Chapes
Doug Chapman
Jeff Chapman
Brenda Clark
Jana and Justin Clark
Steve and Patty Clark
Jerry Clarkson
Donald and Kayleen Classen
John and Annette Cline
Jane and Randall Cobb
Claire Coggins
Steven and Donita Cohorst
Jack and Virginia Colbert
Phil Coleman
Bill and Mary Janet Collins
Tom Colonnese
Joe and Pauline Conley
Robert and Sue Connelly
Kent and Kari Cool
Tom and Sue Cooney
Donald and Phyllis* Corey
Lowell and Donna Cornwell
Huey and April Counts
Jeremy Crist
Jody and Gilbert Crocker
Susan Croft
Larry and Ruby Crow
Charles and Carole Crumbaker
Tori Culbertson
Mark and Barbara Cunningham
Kelsi Currier
Dana Custer
Evelyn and Wyatt Dakken
Amy Damon
Clark and Nancy Danner
Diana and Dale Davies
Mark and Teri Davis
Randy and Becky DeGreeff
Brett and Sue DePaola
Joseph and Sandra Detrixhe
Gunile and James DeVault
Charles and Lois Deyoe
John DiCicco
Maxine Dick
Kimberly Dillon
Rocky and Kim Downing
Calvin and Mary Louise Drake
Donley and Carol Duerksen
Yumiko Dunton
Roscoe and Mary Ann Earp
JoAnn and Donald Ebert
Lisa Eickholt
Jacki Eligan
Lindsey Elliott
William and Jan Elliott
Morris and Julia Engle
Jerry Ericson
Dennis and Lynda Ewert
Dennis and Deborah Fair
Marsha and Mont Fair
Richard and Jane Falter
Joe and Cristina Fanning
Robin Farrell-Edmunds & Joe Edmunds
Kevin and Beth Fateley
Martha and William Faulhaber
Leslie and Corrine Fehr
Jane Floersch
Jack and Peggy Flouer
Lori and Kevin Fortin
Jim and Elizabeth Fox
Shannon and Jason Fox
John and Kathy Francis
Max Fritz
Mark and Kristi Fronce
Constance Fulkerson
Diane Gaede and Mike Shilling
Tracy and Andrew Gagnon
Steven and Janis Galitzer
Linda and Rich Gallagher
Nancy Galloway
Vern and Sherri Gannon
Jane and Burton Garrett
Elizabeth Garrison
Jim and Lorraine Gaskell
Anna Gates
Bruce and Ann Gatterman
Norma Gatterman
Terry Geisler
Douglas and Patricia Gerdel
Richard and Rosemary Gibson
Gregory and Jean Gleason
Gary and Elaine Gordon
Albert and Jean Gottsch
Ronda and Daniel Grace
Michael and Mary Graham
Ronald and Linda Graybeal
Richard and Karen Greene
Roger and Priscilla Greene
Rocky and Charlene Gregory
Gary and Victoria Grimes
Brenda Guenther
Karis and Shane Guinn
Jennifer and Lucas Haag
Donald* and Patricia Haberer
Dean and Nancy Haddock
Mike and Toni Haddock
Gary and Carolyn Haden
Karen Halderson
Harlan and Marjorie Hale
Lana and Joe Halling
Patricia Hamburg
Roger and Nancy Hammerschmidt
James and Jerry Harding
Margaret Harenchar


Bob and Annette Harlan
John Harrell and Maria Ward Harrell
Deborah and Steve Harshaw
Pat Hartman
Karen Hartner
Fred and Arliss Hatcher
Michelle Haupt
Dale and Morene Havercroft
Tom Hawk and Diane DeNoon-Hawk
Jan Heath
Lee and Amy Hecke
Donald and Martha Heidrick
Michael and Patricia Heim
Chuck Heinz
Johncie and Jospeh Heise
Carrol Henderson
Mary Henry
Ed and Brenda Heptig
Donald and Kathryn Herde
Robert and Cheryl Herman
Carroll and Velma Hess
Kay and Gary Hewlett
Dallas and Diane Hiebert
Sarah and Shane Hilger
Joleen Hill
Leon and Claudia Hobson
Amy and Mike Hofer
Rick and Annette Holbrook
Terry and Natalie Holdren
Carolyn Holm
Harlan and Ruth Holste
Shad and Arlene Horchem
Erick and Karen Horton
Carl and Joanna Hoseney
Audry and William Hover
Dawn and Nathan Hoyle
Betty Hughes
Ken and Judy Hughey
Bill and Jo Ann Hundley
Mary Jane Hurley
Virginia Hurtig
Darrell and Connie Hutchinson
Kent and Peggy Huxman
Tony and Linda Imm
Donald and Geraldine Ince
Lorena and Randy Ingmire
John and Holly Irvine
Ronald and Vickie Jacques
Heather and Shane Jager
Geneva Jahnke
Randall and Robyn James
Marcia and Thomas Jarmer
Wanda Jenkins
William and Cora Jenkins
Delores Jennison
George and Marlys Jensen
Bob and Bernita Jessup
Bud and Loretta Jilka
Art and Betty Johnson
Bradley and Kim Johnson
Charles and Monette Johnson
Dwight and Roberta Johnson
Karla Johnson
Florence Johnston Hadin
Ramona Johnston
Jackie Jones
Peter and Julianne Jonyka
Bob and Ann Judd
Bill and Monica* Kastens
Curtis and Rebecca Kastner
Charles and Donna Kaus
Jayson and Wendy Kaus
Linda Kearn
Jed and Terra Keeten
Al and Mary Keithley
Bill and Faye Kennedy
Penny Kenney
Loretta and Pat Kerschen
Carol and Tony Kilian
Bob and Patricia Kinders
Elzene and Lovelle Kirchhoff
Harvey and Janet Kiser
Deanna Klenda
John and Shirley Koch
Cara and Mark Koerperich
Alfred and Dorothy Kohls
Brian and Stacy Kovar
Ray and Loaretta Kovar
Blaine and Candace Krafft
Jeffrey and Nancy Kruse
Gary and Janith Lagrange
Linda and Dannie Lake
Larry and Terri Lamb
Linda Lamb
Richard and Candace Langley
Bill and Heather Lansdowne
Jack and Marian Larson
Kevin and Mary Larson
Marion and D'Anne Latimore
Lisa and Robert Lauer
Joyce and Chester Leach
Kenneth and Jerilynn Lee
Lori Lee
Patrick and Deborah Lee
Leonard Leeling
Peggy and Paul Lenherr
Connie and Fred Levendofsky
Rick and Cheryl Lewis
Jun and Yi Li
Yonghai Li
Joe and Shirley Lichtenauer
Ashley and Ross Lignitz
Orival and Jean Linder
Jim and Sally Lindquist
Tom and Elizabeth Lindquist
Brian and Erika Lindshield
Marcia and Bryan Locke
Cindy Logan
Diane Long
Donna and Delbert Long
Ella Lundberg
Deb Lust
Donald and Barbara MacKintosh
Ron and Linda Madl
Daniel and Emily Mahoney
Leslie and Richard Mahoney
Harold and Connie Mai
Kim and Nathan Mangile
Linda Marston
Joetta and Darin Marti
Jeanne Martin
Michelle and Robert Martin
Dave and Tonnie Martinez
Ed and Sharon Mauler
Lisa McBee
Paige and Garry McCarthy
Scott McClain and Sara Erickson
Laverne McConnell
Georganna and Dick McCrary
Betty and Richard McGehee
Melissa and Brian McHugh
Jack and Carolyn McKain
Ruth McNish
Tom McNish
Kip and Elisa McNorton
Richard and Marcia McVay
Wanda McVey
Cyrilka Mellor
Clifton and Marilyn Meloan
Elaine and Douglas Meloan
Michael and Janice Meloan
Jerry and Susan Meng
Jerry and Jackie Mershon
Mark and Tarisa Metzler
Karl and Rebecca Meyer
Jo and Tom Michael
Theodore & Katherine Fischer Mick
Megan Miller
Randy and Teresa Miller
George and Janet Milliken
Jim Mock
Deanna and Larry Moeder
Ken and Janet Moeller
Melanie and Andrew Molzahn
Laura and Steven Moody
Bob and Janis Moore
Philip and Nancy Moos
Norma Morey
Kim Morgan
Bob and Rose Morin
Joan and Frank Mosier
Mike and Becky Mosier
Cy and Gladys Moyer
Elizabeth Moyer
Rita Muckenthaler
Marge and Tom Muenzenberger
Bob and Jane Mullen
Pat Murray
Stan and Jill Myers
Sherrie Nash and Robert Willems
Gary and Barbara Naughton
Marjorie Neely
Lee and Cindy Nelson
Patty Nelson
Kathleen Newell
Rita and Mike Newell
Richard and Michelle Nibarger
Karen Nickel-Creusere
Monty and Anne Nielsen
Lana Northup
Crystal and Robert Obee
Bob Odle and Teresa Baughman
Michael and Jeridy Oetken
Donald and Charlotte Olsen
Keith and Dea Olson
Larry and Barbara O'Neill


Robert and Joan O'Shea
Janice Ostrom
Melody and Craig Padgett
Blaine and Marilyn Parker
Jaime and Jeremy Parker
Bill and Mary Paul
Avelina Paulsen
Gerald Pearl
John and Karen Pence
Idana Perkins
Rick and Kim Perkins
Pat Pesci and Betsy Barrett
Richard and Carol Petersen
Shellie and Thad Peterson
William and Phyllis Peterson
Michael and Mary Pezza
Angie and Gil Pfizenmaier
Annette and Scott Phillips
Lester Pinkerton
Fae and Leland Piper
Brad and Karen Polson
Joyce and Kent Polson
Jody and Dan Portuese
Lisa and Kit Portz
Jeffrey Powell and Randall Erickson
Floyd and Phyllis Price
Jud and Ann Price
Ron and Barbara Price
Jana and Rod Proctor
Ann and Fritz Pyle
Irma Quackenbush
Robert and Shirley Quanz
Doyle and Charlotte Rahjes
Lindsay Randall
Betty Rassette
Don and Dee Rathbun
Ami and Tanner Ratzlaff
Linda Reim
Amy and Allen Renz
Anne and Dale Reves
Dennis and Linda Rice
Tony and Ruth Ridder
John and Diane Rinkenbaugh
Barbara Roberts
Sue Roberts
Timothy and Marci Roberts
Mike and Sharon Robinson
Byron Roenbaugh
Dan and Bev Rogers
Tom and Pam Romig
Beverly and Jeff Rosell
Gary and Liz Rosewicz
Robert and Terri Ross
Marvin and Debra Roth
Fred and Kimberly Rothwell
Emmett and Kathleen Rottinghaus
James and Shirley Ruder
Ronald and Patricia Ruthstrom
June Rutledge
Joan Sage
Scott and Candace Sage
Jack and Sandy Salava
Larry and Connie Satzler
Don and Leona Saunders
Megan and Cory Saunders
Ronald and Pamela Say
Jay and Carolyn Schlegel
Daniel and Tisha Schlochtermeier
Lew Ann Schneider & Mike Sanson
Shannon and Thad Schneider
Robert and Mary Schornick
Linda and James Schottler
Ann Schram
Darrel and Janet Schultze
Dale Schurr*
Patricia Schurr
Nichole Schwartz
Kelly and Lisa Sechler
Kathy and Jim Seeberger
Paula and Kenneth Seematter
Joseph and Sarah Sexton
Mervin and Cecelia Sexton
Larry and Carol Shanklin
Vicki and Dennis Shanks
Larry and Suzie Shankweiler
Terri and Bill Sharkey
Barb Shea
Jim Shepard
Dylan and Rachel Sherley
Andrew Shimon
Jerry Shivley and Marlene Irvine
Ross and Faye Siegle
Paulette and John Simecka
Terry Simecka
Sonny and Karen Sisk
Craig and Inga Sloan
Norris and Midge Slupianek
Ashley Smit
Dorothy and James Smith
Dwight and Barbara Smith
Gary and Gayle Smith
Jerry and Marlene Smith
Rob and Colleen Snell
Brian and Raena Sommers
Todd and Stephanie Spilker
Carolyn Spillman
Jerold and Reva Spohn
Jerrol and Sharon Springer
Jesse and Jennifer Springer
Melvin and Dana Staatz
Bob and Mary Stamey
Bill and Rae Stamey
Linda and Lenn Stearns
Curt and Rebeccs Steelsmith
Ray and Sharon Sterling
Verl and Betty Stevens
John and Lila Stites
John Stonner
Charles and Marilyn Storey
Karen and Allan Stous
Brad and Karen Streeter
DeAdre and Daryl Strouts
Robert and JoAnn Stumpff
Bill and Jennifer Sturges
Mark and Julie Stutheit
Kristi and Gaston Suarez
Robert and Frankie Sumners
Gina Sump-Suther & Daniel Suther
Anne and Steve Suther
Mike and Judy Sutton
Dennis and Kathy Switzky
Ron and Karolyn Tacha
Gregory Tammen
Masaaki and Pamela Tamura
Joan Taylor
Gene and Dee Tebbutt
Karlene and Terry Teske
Carolyn and Floyd Thompson
Don and Joan Thomson
Renee Toews*
Erik and Jennifer Torring
Jack Travis
Norman and Edith Traxson
Tyler and Rebecca Traxson
George and Marcia Troutfetter
Jim Tubach
Amy Tucker
Dean and Peggy Tuley
Libby and Robert Vathauer
Dawn and Darron Veh
Rodney Vera
Joel and Jill Versch
Patricia Verschelden
Jerry and Sharon Volkman
Frank and Sigrid Vovk
Dorothy and Gregory Wallace
Phyllis and Dale Walters
Mark and LuAnn Ward
Byron and Marjorie Warta
Jane Wassom
Steven and Becky Wassom
Betty Waters
Wanda Watson
Jerry and Judy Weaver
Zach Weaver
Mike and Maureen Wells
Kevin Wenderott
Sharon and Bob Wenger
Jane Westfall
Alison Wheatley
Ray and Joyce Whipple
Dan Whitney
James and Betty Wild
Phyllis Wiley
Eugene and Carol Williams
Brent and Carrie Winans
Delvin Winfough
Daniel and Gretchen Winter
David and Julie Winter
Don and Treva Wiruth
Susan and John Wise
Elmer* and Sylvia Wohler
Larry and Sandra Wolfram
Peter and Susan Wong
William and Marla Wood
Dennis and Yvonne Woodall
Larry and Nancy Woodyard
George and Lilly Wyatt
Gary and Susan Yenzer
Sue and Ron Yocum
Wayne and Janet Yonning
Natalie Young
Joann and Clarence Zarger
William and Margaret Zoeller
Marlo and Steve Zumbrunn

Businesses & Organizations

A W & Nellie B Armstrong Foundation

American Institute of Baking

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 17

Animal Care Clinic

Anthony Farmers Coop Elevator Co

Arrowhead Townhomes

Bank of America

Bayer Construction Co Inc

Bennington State Bank

Beta Sigma Phi

Beverly Holdren Trust

BHS Construction Inc

Blueville Nursery Inc

Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund

Briggs Auto Group Inc

Burger Construction

Burnett Automotive

C & A Farm Inc

Canon Solutions America Inc

Capitol Federal Savings

CAS Constructors LLC

Central Mechanical Construction

Central National Bank - Burlington

Cigarettes 4 Less Inc

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Coffeyville Sektam Inc

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Commerce Bank NA

Commerce Bank NA Manhattan

Conde Management Services Inc


Conrow Farms

Copeland Insurance Agency Inc


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Davis Moore Chevrolet Inc

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Demuth Farms Inc

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Edwin M Wheeler Trust

Endacott Lighting Inc

Evans Ranch

Evolution Digital LLC

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Fraternal Order of Eagles

Fredonia High School

Freeport State Bank

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Ginger Snips Salon of Beauty

Glennis Waunita Mumma Living Trust

Gottesman Krumholz Siegel Group

Grace Community Church

Hall Levy Devore Bell Ott & Kritz PA

Harnden Backhoe & Ditching

Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc

Hot Pin Twisters League

Icon Enterprises Inc

Independence High School

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Jerry Miller Farms

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Mercy Regional Health Center

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Trinity Lutheran Church


United Commercial Travelers

University of Kansas School of Medicine

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Walnut Grove Mobile Home Park

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Waters True Value Hardware

Western States Fire Protection Co

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