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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Bold New Vision to Impact Cancer

Three-quarters of federal cancer research dollars are allocated to NCI-Designated Cancer Centers. Seven of those are Basic Laboratory Cancer Centers, which focus on laboratory research and do not treat patients. Building on initiatives put forth by our advisory council, we are implementing a strategic plan to become a National Cancer Institute-Designated Basic Laboratory Cancer Center.

Our first priority is to hire a new director who is capable of achieving this goal. The director must be a visionary leader and outstanding administrator and scientist. This will require more financial resources than are currently available. We are looking to our alumni and friends to help endow the directorship, thus demonstrating our strategic intent and commitment. 

We are already progressing in other ways, forming Centers of Excellence that bring together K-State scientists of different backgrounds to attack cancer as multidisciplinary teams. More information about the COEs will be shared soon.

We are continually impressed by the generosity of our friends, and we hope that you'll make a gift to support this endeavor. Your gift, regardless of size, will help K-State advance to the next level in cancer research.