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Johnson Cancer Research Center

2012-13 Faculty Awardees

Fall 2012

Innovative Research

(Total Awarded: $95,500 — Total Requested: $240,367)

Antje Antji, Anatomy & Physiology ($12,000)
Project: Do epigenetic changes in the promoter region of GluN2B gene contribute to the development of esophageal cancer following chronic ethanol exposure?

Bret Flanders, Physics ($3,000)
Project: Gaff, auger and scalpel for direct tissue manipulation at the single-to-few cell level.

Ping Li, Chemistry ($15,000)
Project: Synthesis of inhibitors/Substrate analogs for human ghrelin O-Acyltransferase (hGOAT): A new way to combat cancers.

Brad Olson, Biology ($25,000)
Project: Clues to the origin of cancer: Implication of the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor pathway in the evolution of colonial multicellularity in a novel eukaryotic multicellular model system, the volvcine algae

Punit Prakash, Electrical & Computer Engineering ($7,500)
Project: Nanoparticle enhanced hyperthermia at microwave frequencies.

Govindsamy Vediyappan, Biology ($8,000)
Project: Bifunctional small molecules for cancer patients with candidiasis.

Ruth Welti & Sherry Fleming, Biology ($25,000)
Project: Lipid changes in inflammation


(Total Awarded: $36,000 — Total Requested: $50,742)

Susan Brown, Biology ($15,000)

Ping Li, Chemistry ($10,000)
Used Kintek Rapid Chemical Quench Flow RQF-3

Brian Lindshield, Human Nutrition ($11,000)
Biotek Microplate Reader


(Total Awarded: $500 — Total Requested: $2,292)

Mark Weiss, Anatomy & Physiology ($500)
Attend 2012 workshop: Manufacturing Cell Therapy Products, Houston, Texas

Spring 2013

Innovative Research Awards

(Total Awarded: $105,960 — Total Requested: $161,960)

Masaaki Tamura, Anatomy & Physiology ($20,000)
Development of nanoparticle based local gene therapy for lung cancer.

Michal Zolkiewski, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($19,500)
Endoplasmic-recticulum chaperones in breast cancer stem cells.

Govindsamy Vediyappan, Biology ($10,000)
Candida albicans invasive hyphal growth and virulence inhibition.

Michael Veeman, Biology ($25,000)
Transcriptomic analysis of notochord morphogenesis.

Katie Heinrich, Kinesiology ($6,460)
Physical activity to improve survival and quality of life among cancer survivors.

Vikas Berry, Chemical Engineering ($25,000)
Pristine graphene and its quantum structures for ultrasensitive & highly specific electrical sensors for cancer marker.

Equipment Awards

(Total Awarded: $28,000 — Total Requested: $37,910)

Yasuaki Hiromasa, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($3,000)
Bruker profile analysis software package

Jeroen Roelofs, Biology ($12,000)
BLItz instrument

Stefan Rothenburg, Biology ($3,000)
Sonicator with cup horn and sound reducing enclosure

Ping Li, Chemistry ($2,000)
Labconco biosafety cabinet (partial) and millipore protein concentrator package

Annelise Nguyen, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology ($8,000)
Revco-80C freezer

Travel Awards

(Total Awarded: $2,000 — Requested $2,000)

Duy Hua, Chemistry ($2,000)
Kyoto University, Japan, for research collaboration

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