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Johnson Cancer Research Center

2012-2013 Student Awardees

Fall 2012


($100,000 for students and research expenses)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Anatomy & Physiology
Job Shiach — Mentor: Peying Fong
Grace Winter — Mentor: Peying Fong
Tyler Dubek — Mentor: Bruce Schultz
Zachary Goldsmith — Mentor: Masa Tamura
Allison Niederee — Mentor: Masa Tamura
Alexander Vo — Mentor: Masa Tamura
Terrahn Wall — Mentor: Masa Tamura
Jessica Eisenbarth — Mentor: Deryl Troyer
Adrian Gomez — Mentor: Deryl Troyer
Phuoc Bui — Mentor: Mark Weiss
Joseph Smith — Mentor: Mark Weiss

Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Nalley Barron-Garcia — Mentor: Annelise Nguyen

College of Arts & Sciences

Caroline Braun — Mentor: Michael Kanost
Matthew Klenda — Mentor: Gerald Reeck
Denise Cobb — Mentor: John Tomich
Jared Kevern — Mentor: John Tomich
Rachael Ott — Mentor: John Tomich
Obdulia Covarrubias Zambrano — Mentor: John Tomich

Megan Reid — Mentor: Katsura Asano
Jordan Parker — Mentor: Sandy Beeser
John Nail — Mentor: Rollie Clem
Jeremy Goering — Mentor: Sherry Fleming
Jazmin Zeledon — Mentor: Sherry Fleming
Parker Miller — Mentor: Stella Lee
Emily Williams — Mentor: Stella Lee
Amanda Osarczuk — Mentor: Kristin Michel
Sarah Cossey — Mentor: Brad Olson
Andrea Keifer — Mentor: Brad Olson
German Cuevas — Mentor: Lorena Passarelli
Luke Wenger — Mentor: Lorena Passarelli
Eric Geanes — Mentor: Jeroen Roelofs
Brianne Pierce — Mentor: Jeroen Roelofs
Joshua Beyer — Mentor: Stefan Rothenburg
Wren Michaels — Mentor: Stefan Rothenburg
Carrie Remillard — Mentor: Stefan Rothenburg
James Arpin — Mentor: Kathrin Schrick
Morgan Armbruster — Mentor: Ruth Welti
Neema Prakash — Mentor: Ruth Welti
Charles Roach — Mentor: Ruth Welti

Christine Spartz — Mentor: Christer Aakeroy
Jenny Barriga — Mentor: Stefan Bossmann
Pamela Maynez — Mentor: Stefan Bossmann
Elizabeth Riedy — Mentor: Stefan Bossmann
Samantha Talley — Mentor: Chris Culbertson
Eric Strand — Mentor: Ping Li

College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering
Jessica Long — Mentor: John Schulp

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sarah Carr — Mentor: Punit Prakash
Emily Schnell — Mentor: Punit Prakash

College of Agriculture

Plant Pathology
Joshua Ames — Mentor: Dorith Rotenberg
Brandon Pfannenstiel — Mentor: Richard Todd


(Total Awarded: $6,190 — Total Requested: $9,729)

Damien Downes, plant pathology — mentor: Richard Todd
Cameron Hunter, plant pathology — mentor: Richard Todd
Thilani Samarakoon, biology — mentor: Ruth Welti
Sunitha Shiva, biology — mentor: Ruth Welti
Hua Jia, human nutrition — mentor: Dingbo Lin
Diana Burr, clinical sciences — mentor: Mary Lynn Higginbotham
Meera Kumari, biochemistry — mentor: Subba Muthukrishnan
Xin Zhang, biology — mentor: Kristin Michel
William Bryant, biology — mentor: Kristin Michel

Spring 2013


(Total Awarded: $88,241 — Total Requested: $137,704)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Weihong Zhang — mentor: Jianhan Chen — Computational studies of the structure and interaction of intrinsically disordered proteins. $5,328

Rohit Kamat — mentor: Lawrence Davis — Use of plant laccase and peroxidase activities for phytoremediation of azo and other textile dyes. $5,328

Meera Kumari — mentor: Subba Muthakrishnan — Mode of action of the chitin inhibitor dilubenzuron. $5,328

Pinakin R. Sukthankar — mentor: John Tomich — Encapsulation of radionuclides to treat cancer. $5,328

Yue Qi — mentor: Anna Zolkiewska — Signaling by ADAM12 in breast cancer. $5,328

Ezzat El-Sherif — mentor: Susan Brown — Clock-based segmentation in tribolium castaneum. $5,886

Emily Archer Slone — mentor: Sherry Fleming — Lipids and lipid binding proteins in hypoxic disease. $5,886

Prashant Wani — mentor: Jeroen Roelofs — The role of chaperones and proteasome inhibitors in the formation of the different proteasome complexes. $5,328

Aashima Khosla — mentor: Kathrin Schrick — Regulatory role of the START lipid/sterol binding domain in plant homeodomain transcription factors. $5,328

Hieu Sy Vu — mentor: Ruth Welti — Metabolic profiling of lipids and their compositional dynamics in plant stress responses. $5,886

Ziyi Wang — mentor: Michael Herman — Effect of natural genetic variation on differential susceptibility of C. elegans to bacterial pathogens. $5,886

Dhanushi Welideniya — mentor: Christer Aakeroy — New solid forms and improved physical properties of cancer relevant compounds. $5,000

Sebastian Wendel — mentor: Stefan Bossmann — Bacterial vectors for cancer site specific drug delivery. $6,425

Anatomy & Physiology
Deepthi Uppalapati — mentor: Masaaki Tamura — Study of molecular mechanisms involved in lung metastasis inhibition by a novel PKC modulator peptide secretory gene. $5,000

Diagnostic Medicince & Pathobiology
Stephanie Shishido — mentor: Annelise Nguyen — Efficacy of antineoplastic drugs and gap junction enhancers in mammary carcinoma models. $5,000

Plant Pathology
Damien Downes — mentor: Richard Todd — Regulation of the GATA transcription factor AreA in response to nitrogen sufficiency. $5,976


(Total Awarded: $4,200 — Total Requested: $6,435)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Meera Kumari — mentor: Subba Muthukrishnan ($200)
Presentation: The target of the chitin inhibitor, diflubenzuron (DFB) is a sulfonylurea receptor

Sara Duhachek Muggy — mentor: Anna Zolkiewska ($1,000)
Presentation: Alternative mRNA splicing in the region corresponding to the pro-domain of ADAM12L generates two protein isoforms with distinct properties and intracellular localization

Ning Huang — mentor: Rollie Clem ($600)
Presentation: A potential role for CASPS18 and CASPS19 in midgut escape of sindbis virus in aedes aegypti.

Emily Archer Sloan — mentor: Sherry Fleming ($500)
Presentation: Phospholipid scramblase 1 alters phospholipid distribution mediating antinflmmatory response in endothelial cells following hypoxia and reoxygenation

Ziyi Wang — mentor: Michael Herman ($800)
Presentation: QTL mapping of differential susceptibility to bacteria in C. elegans

Wenbi Wu — mentor: Lorena Passarelli ($600)
Presentation: Effects of the baculovirus fibroblast growth factor on sinbis virus replication

Human Nutrition
Joseph Standard — mentor: George Wang ($500)
Presentation: Profiling di-and tri-glyceride species in weight controlled mice may be associated with cancer preventive mechanism

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