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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Spring 2012 Faculty Awardees

Innovative Research

(Total Awarded: $105,900 — Total Requested: $160,484)

Peying Fong, Anatomy & Physiology ($13,300)
Project: SMCT1 regulation in mammalian tumor suppression

Fernando Pierucci-Alves ($20,000)
Project: TGF-beta signaling in epithelia of the male excurrent system

Deryl Troyer, Anatomy & Physiology ($20,000)
Project: Development of a large animal model for human cancer

Katsura Asano, Biology ($12,100)
Project: 5MP-ATF4 pathway as a novel metabolic target for Sarcoma therapy

Susan Brown, Biology ($24,000)
Project: Live imaging of nuclear movement in normal and Wnt mutant embryos

Michael Herman, Biology ($16,500)
Project: Identification and characterization of genes affecting C. elegans susceptibility to the nosocomial pathogen S. maltophilia


(Total Awarded: $19,465 — Total Requested: $26,215)

Ping Li, Chemistry ($10,000)
Cary-100 UV-Vis Spectrometer

Revathi Govind, Biology ($4,000)
Infinite 200 PRO-TECAN in-chamber monitor

Robert Szoszkiewicz, Physics ($2,465)
Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

John Tomich, Biochemistry ($3,000)
Thermo-Fisher Scientific Orbitrap Velos Plus Mass Spectrometer


Loubna Tazi, Biology ($1,700)
Support ongoing collaboration, training on new methods, and finalizing data for publication. University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas

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