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Johnson Cancer Research Center

2013-14 Faculty Awardees

Fall 2013

Innovative Research Awards & Directed Gifts

(Total Awarded: $373,500 — Total Requested: $441,000)

Stefan Bossmann, Chemistry
Deryl Troyer, Anatomy & Physiology ($200,000)
Development of novel blood tests for early detection of several types of cancer

Mark Weiss, Anatomy & Physiology ($117,000)
Use of human umbilical cord matrix stem cells to ameliorate negative effects of transplanted immune cells on host tissues

Viktor Chikan, Chemistry ($3,000)
Generating ultrasound via pulsed magnetic field to increase drug penetration at the blood-brain barrier for treatment of brain cancer

Annelise Nguyen, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology ($25,000)
Targeting gap junction intercellular communication for triple negative breast cancer treatment

David Poole, Kinesiology ($9,500)
Effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on tumor oxygenation and microcirculation

Robert Szoszkiewicz, Physics ($19,000)
Towards fast and quantitative detection of protease-based cancer biomarkers

Spring 2014

Innovative Research Awards

(Awarded: $124,200 - Requested: $232,045)

Richard Todd, Plant Pathology ($9,000)
Dual function transcription factors: how prevalent is co-activator function for DNA-binding transcription factors.

Jianhan Chen, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($20,000)
Mechanism or facile binding of BH3-only proteins to the pro-survival protein Bcl-w

John Tomich, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($25,000)
Targeting of branced amphiphilitc peptide capsules: a tunable delivery system for radiation therapy

Katsura Asano, Biology ($12,000)
Role of non-AUG initiation in cancer development

Stefan Rothenburg, Biology ($22,000)
Oncolytic potential of squirrel fibroma virus and recombinant myxoma viruses

John Schlup, Chemical Engineering ($20,900)
Development of a prompt capture gamma-ray neutron activation analysis methodology for use in boron neutron capture therapy research

Bhupinder Bawa, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology ($9,300)
Nectin-4 expression in canine mammary carcinoma: potential role as serum biomarker and targeted therapy for cancer

Minyoung Suh, Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design ($6,000)
Wearable hyperthermia device for breast cancer treatment

Equipment Awards

(Awarded: $31,787 - Requested: $50,787)

Anna Zolkiewska, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($6,000)
Tissue culture hood

Zhilong Yang, Biology ($12,240)
BR-188 density gradient fractionation system

Richard Rosenkranz, Human Nutrition ($7,350)
Actical waterproof physical activity monitors

Masaaki Tamura, Anatomy & Physiology ($6,197)
Water jacketed CO2 incubator with humidity control

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