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Johnson Cancer Research Center

2014-15 Faculty Awardees

Fall 2014


(Awarded: $105,500 - Requested: $185,500)   

Brian Geisbrecht, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($15,000)
Human gC1qR/p32 in cancer: structure/function analysis of an inhibitory peptide and antibody

Revathi Govind, Biology ($15,000)
Role of TcdR sigma factor in Clostridium difficile sporulation

Mei He, Biological and Agricultural Engineering ($20,000)
Rapid microfluidic "ExoSearch" platform for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Ping Li, Chemistry ($15,000)
Crystallization of PhaC that catalyzes formation of PHA as effective cancer drug carriers

Annika Linde, Human Nutrition ($8,000)
Host defense peptides in red lionfish (Pterois volitans)

John Schlup, Chemical Engineering, and John Tomich, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($7,500)
Targeted delivery of boron for boron neutron capture therapy via branched amphiphilic peptide capsules and perform imaging experiments

Zhilong Yang, Biology ($25,000)
Translation efficiency analysis to identify host responses to virus infection


(Awarded: $54,954 - Requested: $79,987)  

Brad Behnke, Kinesology ($12,284)
Zeiss Axio Observer A1 equipped for detection of EF-5 and Hoescht in tumors

Mei He, Biological and Agricultural Engineering ($7,500)
NanoPhotometer P-Class

Om Prakash, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($5,170)
Turbo-V 81M pump for a Cryogenic NMR probe

Ping Li, Chemistry ($30,000)
Stopped Flow Spectrometer

Spring 2015


(Awarded: $68,180 - Requested: $114,805)  

Santosh Aryal, Chemistry ($25,000)
Chemo-photothermal therapy for cancer based on gold nanoparticle confinement in functional therapeutic polymeric nanoconstruct

Thomas Mueller, Biology ($18,000)
Organization of the amygdaloid complex in zebrafish

Punit Prakash, Electrical & Computer Engineering ($11,000)
Theoretical and experimental investigation of 5.8 GHz microwave antennas for conformal thermal tumor ablation

Richard Todd, Plant Pathology ($4,180)
Identification of a novel regulator of AreA nuclear export

Govind Vediyappan, Biology ($10,000)
Interaction of gymnemic acids with zinc-finger transcription factors involved in Candida hyphal growth


(Awarded: $66,530 - Requested: $66,530) 

Viktor Chikan, Chemistry, & Punit Prakash, Electrical & Computer Engineering ($15,000)
Rotating magnetic field hyperthermia apparatus

Erika Geisbrecht, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($15,000)
FluorChem M imaging system

Stella Lee, Biology ($4,530)
Automated cell counter

Jun Li, Chemistry ($12,000)
8-channel electrochemical system

Ping Li, Chemistry ($10,000)
Waters 2475 fluorescence (FLR) detector

Ryan Rafferty, Chemistry ($10,000)
Liquid plate transfer handler


Ping Li ($400)
collaboration with KU to perform biomolecule mass spectrometry

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