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Johnson Cancer Research Center

2015-16 Faculty Awardees

Fall 2015


(Awarded: $103,018 - Requested: $170,680)  

Mei He, Biological & Agricultural Engineering ($30,000)
Self-Management of Ovarian Cancer using Smartphone-based 3D Chip Diagnostic Strategy

Ryan Rafferty, Chemistry ($25,000)
Understanding and elucidating the target point of toxicity of the approved and clinically used leukemia drug 6-thiopurine

Ric Rosenkranz, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health ($4,518)
Cancer Prevention Behaviors in Girl Scouts: A Feasibility Study

Kathrin Schrick, Biology ($25,000)
Molecular Mechanisms underlying the anti-cancer properties of flavonoids

Masa Tamura/Raelene Wouda, Anatomy & Physiology/Clinical Sciences ($18,500)
Local chemotherapy with a hyaluronan-cisplatin aerosol formulation for the treatment of human lung cancer


(Awarded: $29,000 - Requested: $69,000) 

Katie Heinrich, Kinesiology ($15,000)
AMTI Accupower Force Platform

Ryan Rafferty, Chemistry
Refractive Index Detector and Fraction Collector ($14,000)


Katsura Asano ($2,000)
Travel to Montreal, Canada, to collaborate with experts in biology of translational regulation

Spring 2016


(Awarded $147,245 - Requested $267,632)  

Jianzhong Yu, Anatomy & Physiology ($20,000)
Molecular and Functional characterization of the Kibra Tumor Suppressor Protein

Jooyoun Kim, Apparel Textiles & Interior ($15,000)
Multi-drug nanofibers for postsurgical local treatment of melanoma skin cancer

Nicholas Wallace, Biology ($25,000)
Characterizing the Disruption of UV Damage Signaling by Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Large T Antigen.

Saurav Misra, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($20,000)
Mechanisms of oncogenic p53 protection by the quality control protein Bag2

Santosh Aryal, Chemistry ($20,000)
Engineering Biomimetic Theranostic Nanoconstructs for the Treatment and Diagnosis of Breast Carcinoma

Christopher Culbertson, Chemistry ($22,245)
Development of a Prototype Paper Microfluidic Device for Monitoring Critical Biomarkers of Breast Cancer.

Emily McLaurin, Chemistry ($25,000)
Optical Nanothermometers for Reduction of Healthy Tissue Damage during Photothermal Therapy


(Awarded $38,500 - Requested $95,918) 

Jianzhong Yu, Anatomy & Physiology ($7,500)
INVICTUS 25 cu Ft Drosophila Incubator

Jocelyn McDonald, Biology ($8,000)
Blodgett KLS-30E electric kettle, Waring heavy-duty immersion blender, "Droso-Filler" bottle fillers

Anna Zinovyeva, Biology ($20,000)
Guava EasyCyte 5HT flowcytometer

Michal Zolkiewski, Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics ($3,000)
Chromatography refrigerator Artic Temp


Sherry Fleming, Biology ($500)
Kanazawa, Japan

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