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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Centers of Excellence Planning Grants

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The purpose of this Research Funding Opportunity (RFO) is to encourage Kansas State University Johnson Cancer Research Center (JCRC) faculty affiliates to develop multidisciplinary teams, or Centers of Excellence (COE), to focus on cancer research. These COEs will be formed with the intent of developing teams that will work in parallel and in collaboration to make significant progress in specific areas of cancer research. Ultimately, these teams will develop strong preliminary data and working relationships to justify the submission of larger project grants such as NIH PO1 or COBRE P20 mechanisms.

JCRC faculty affiliates are invited to submit applications for six-month planning grants by Aug. 1, 2017. These one-time, six-month awards will support the development of consortia that can collaborate and synergize on a cancer research focus area. The planning grant intent is to:

  • identify research areas which can be positively impacted by inter-disciplinary collaborations.
  • assess relevant research resources across laboratories and colleges.
  • identify key faculty participants (who can serve as co-PIs).
  • formulate plans to leverage faculty and resources to have a synergistic effect.

These planning grants are intended to support the preparation of an application for a two-year COE proposal for funding a multi-component COE grant to be funded at the level of up to $100K for two years (up to $50K per year).

Planning grant budgets will be up to $6,000.

Planning grant activities that provide the framework for the COE initiative include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Meetings or conferences that are required to develop COE partnerships.
  • Surveys or other means of identifying faculty and infrastructure that can be included in the COE.
  • Development of strategies to demonstrate the workings/interactions of the faculty participants of the COE.
  • Plan student participation in the COE.
  • Salary for key personnel involved in the writing, planning and organization of the COE grant.

The 6-page COE planning grant application is to be submitted online using the link at the bottom of this webpage. The application will include a narrative describing the proposed COE and the activities that are proposed to move the planning of the COE to the formulation of a COE research and funding plan. Justification and rationale for the formation of the COE specific to cancer research is required.

Applicants are required to prepare applications which include the following information:

(Planning grant sections 1-7 not to exceed 5 pages en toto, 11 point, Arial font. Note that applications not following the requirements will not be reviewed.)

1. Descriptive title of proposed activity

2. Name(s), departments, campus address(es), email addresses and telephone number(s) of the PI and collaborating PIs

3. Names of other key personnel

4. Possible Core participation

5. Planning grant budget and justification

6. COE vision and brief rationale for the creation of the COE

7. Planning activities; to include rationale for activity

8. 5-page biosketches (NIH format, specific to this application) of PI and collaborating PIs (not included in the 5-page limit for sections 1-7)

The JCRC intends to fund up to three planning grants and anticipates choosing one or more applications for preparation of COE grants. Planning grants showing strong cancer focus and interdisciplinary collaboration with potential synergy are encouraged as these will be major criteria for funding. Planning grants will be reviewed by a panel of biomedical scientists familiar with the cancer research area. The JCRC anticipates independent, extramural review of the COE grant applications.

If you have questions, please contact JCRC interim director Dr. S. Keith Chapes at skcbiol@ksu.edu or 785-532-6705.

Submit COE Planning Grant Application by Aug. 1, 2017