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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Cancer Research Expansion Awards

Associate members of the Johnson Cancer Research Center (JCRC) are junior investigators just starting their own projects and laboratories. While start-up funds may provide for personnel and the establishment of the main project of the laboratory, limited funds are available for cancer research supplies.  The Cancer Research Expansion Award provides associate JCRC members only with up to $7,500 to expand their cancer research project. It is aimed at increasing the number of active cancer projects at K-State and the likelihood of finding a cure for cancer.

We expect to give 2-3 awards per year. If the project has progressed but not resulted in a cancer-related publication or grant application, a second-year award ($2,500) may be possible. Awards will be made on a competitive basis.

Requests will be evaluated based on 1) cancer relevance 2) potential for future national funding (such as NIH, NSF or DOD), and 3) preference for programs not currently enjoying extramural funding. The cancer relevance of the proposed research will be a high criterion of evaluation. The annual application deadline is March 1. 

Requests for personnel will not be successful. Funds will not be provided for major equipment, faculty summer salaries, travel, or graduate student salaries. (Graduate student/postdoctoral travel to meetings and graduate student summer stipends can be funded via other award categories.) All applications will require a progress report to be eligible for future awards. Within a year of the final award, we would expect a cancer publication and/or grant application.

If you have questions, please contact the Johnson Cancer Research Center. Please do not submit a truncated proposal from another funding source. Complete and submit the application electronically using an official K-State email ONLY. Document requirements: 12 pt Arial font, 1 inch margins. Applications that do not meet requirements or provide the necessary documentation will be administratively triaged.

The online application cannot be saved, so have all your information ready before you start. The application requires the following information:

  1. 3-page project description which includes budget and budget justification. This will be written in Arial 12 pt font with 1-inch margins.
  2. Name, department, campus address, phone number and official K-State email for PI.
  3. Names, affiliation and contact information of 5 external experts (off K-State campus) who can review this application and don't have a conflict of interest with your program (no co-authorships, share grant applicants or significant professional collaborations within the last 5 years.)
  4. List previous funding from Johnson Cancer Research Center for the last 3 years.
  5. Positive outcomes from previous Johnson Cancer Research Center funding, i.e., peer reviewed publications, grants funded, etc.
  6. Detailed budget and budget justification for supplies and services. Salaries are not allowed and meeting travel is covered by other awards.
  7. Matching funds (if any)
  8. Cancer relevance of this project in 100 words or less. Include how this project is relevant to the JCRC's mission.
  9. Lay language (6-8th grade level) of the work you propose in 100 words or less.
  10. 5-page NIH-style biosketch for the PI. Be sure to include cancer-relevant experience and how this project is relevant to the JCRC’s mission.


Download a pdf of the information on this page.