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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Student Award Recipients

Fall 2021


(Awarded $67,500 for students and research expenses)

Anatomy & Physiology

Grace Calo – Mentor: Masaaki Tamura
Oral administration of euglena water extract increases IgA cell number in MALT which may help attenuating lung tumor growth

Morgan Phillips – Mentor: Masaaki Tamura
Study of the effect of a newly designed inhibitory peptide for CTLA-4 on NK cell activation and function and its effect on lung carcinoma cell growth

Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Hanna Miller – Mentor:  Om Prakash
Understanding the molecular recognition basis of EGFR inhibitors for cancer treatment

Taryn Lubbers – Mentor: John Tomich
Peptide nanocarrier delivery of mRNA vaccines for treating melanomas

Carson Gido – Mentor: Brian Geisbrecht
Inhibition of neutrophil serine proteases by EAP domain proteins


Mae Cook – Mentor: Duy Hua
Quantitative detection and profiling of selected overexpressed proteases for monitoring of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer

Qiling Zeng – Mentor:  Ping Li
Development of inhibitors to carcinogenic NTMT1

Kaden Creamer – Mentor: Ping Li
Continued efforts of PhaC crystallization for cancer drug delivery using PHA

Jane Eilers – Mentor:  Christer Aakeroy
Improving bioavailability of selenium-based anti-tumor mimics


Ashley Panagakis – Mentor:  Kathrin Schrick
Bio-layer interferometry analysis of cancer driver mutations in oncogene 5MP1

Hailey Casey – Mentor:  Katsura Asano
Mechanism of transcriptional regulation with relevance to gene expression in cancer cells

Taylor Bugbee – Mentor:  Nick Wallace
Effects of p300 inhibition on chemotherapeutic cytotoxicity in pancreatic cancers

Ashlyn Bugbee – Mentor: Kalyani Payaram
Role of antioxidant protein Nrf2 in metabolism and anti-tumor activities of CD8+ T-cells

Lucy Fischer – Mentor: Govind Veddiyappan
Efflux pump inhibitors for multidrug-resistant bacterial infections in cancer patients

Mikaela Garcia-Escamilla – Mentor: Thomas Mueller
The role of tumor-suppressor gene Lhx6 during cellular migration of GABAergic interneurons in the zebrafish forebrain

Emily Cranwell – Mentor: Thomas Mueller
Analyzing cFos expression patterns in zebrafish models of cancer using deep machine learning

Abigail Parker – Mentor: Ruth Welti
Subcellular localization of putative transacylase

Claire Richardson– Mentor: Jocelyn McDonald
Role of nuclear shape during collective cell migration and invasion

Caleb Kutz – Mentor: Jocelyn McDonald
Genetic screen to identify protein kinases conserved in tumor invasion and metastasis

Davanté Hammer – Mentor:  Sherry Fleming 
Effect of novel peptides on tumor associated macrophage phenotype

Mia Thompson – Mentor:  Sherry Fleming
Macrophage Phenotypes in Mouse Melanoma

Kennedy Ayre – Mentor: Ruth Welti
Characterization of a mutation in a gene potentially affecting tissue senescence

Hieu Nguyen – Mentor: Kathrin Schrick
A novel transcriptional activation domain relevant to cancer cell regulation


Louie Cabrera – Mentor: Heather McCrea
Meeting at the margins: Approaches to cancer in Navajo communities

Music, Theater & Dance

Savannah Parks – Mentor: Katie Digby
Effect of gentle dance on cancer treatment side effects


Indera Coffel – Mentor: Shay Logan
Investigating the impacts of correlation in iterated treatment decisions

Plant Pathology

Daniel Tran – Mentor: Richard Todd
Identification of functional domains in a mediator complex component with a human counterpart involved in breast and prostate cancers


(Awarded: $9,652 – Requested: 9,652)

Olivia Kunkel – Mentor: Brad Behnke
Protective effects of heat therapy against breast cancer-induced cardiac dysfunction

Stephen Hammond – Mentor: Carl Ade
The intersection of cancer and thromboembolism: A role for eNOS?


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