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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Faculty Travel Fellowship

Recognizing that scientific techniques are important drivers in the progress of life science research, the center will provide funds, totaling $2,000 for each biannual competition, to cancer research faculty and their trainees to pursue travel for the following purposes:

  1. Support visits to other institutions to learn new scientific techniques to subsequently apply these techniques in K-State laboratories.
  2. Support new or ongoing collaborative studies that cannot be conducted without visiting colleagues at other institutions; and
  3. Introduce newly learned techniques and/or research advances to other investigators at K-State.

The funds requested should be needed for relatively brief visits and may be used for domestic travel, lodging and meals for one person per laboratory. The criteria for this competitive award include impact of the experience on the faculty member’s research program, frugality and availability of matching funds. The cancer relevance of the proposed activity will be a criterion of evaluation.

The application requires:

  1. NIH formatted Biosketch (5 page max)
  2. complete budget based on the university’s guidelines
  3. Matching funds are encouraged and must be provided if available
  4. Rational for the travel and the impact on cancer (2-3 sentences)
  5. Lay language abstract concerning the cancer relevance (5th-8th grade level)
  6. List JCRC funding to the faculty member in the last 3 years
  7. A list of publications and funded grant proposals in the last 3 years for your cancer research program. 

This is a very detailed application, and we need you to complete it thoroughly. Please prepare the application with attention to detail and in the spirit that limited funds must benefit as many people as possible. The biannual application deadlines are October 1 and March 1. Applicants should consult the university's guidelines on reimbursable travel expenses.

Download the information on this page here. (PDF)

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: You cannot save or re-enter the application, so have all your information ready before you start.