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Johnson Cancer Research Center

George S. Bascom Memorial Workshop Series on Current Issues in Clinical Medicine

yvonne reid

HeLa Cells and Biomedical Research: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Yvonne Reid, PhD, Manager, Scientist
Cell Biology Program, ATCC

Wed., Oct. 10, 2012 ~ 7 p.m.
K-State Student Union Forum Hall

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For our next Bascom lecture, we are proud to present Yvonne Reid, PhD, Manager and Scientist in the Cell Biology Program at ATCC (American Type Culture Collection), a private, nonprofit biological resource center and research organization whose mission focuses on the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, development and distribution of standard reference microorganisms, cell lines and other materials for research in the life sciences. Dr. Reid will discuss facets of biological research that have been impacted by HeLa cells (named for Henrietta Lacks, the woman from whom the cells were taken, without her knowledge, in 1951).

This lecture coincides with the K-State Book Network’s 2012 book selection, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a book by Rebecca Skloot that investigates how a poor black woman’s cells were taken without her knowledge and made an immense impact on groundbreaking research and modern medicine.

The Bascom lecture series, started in 1996, brings distinguished experts to K-State to present to faculty, students, medical care providers, and the general public about challenges faced in clinical medicine and research.

Parking on campus is free after 5 pm except in the Union Parking Garage, where it is $1.50/hr. (Do not park in 24-Hour Reserved spots.)

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