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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Special Young Friend of the Center is Denver Channel 7 'Everyday Hero'

Monday May 17, 2010

DAD’S CANCER DIAGNOSIS INSPIRES DAUGHTER: 12-Year-Old Sells Candles For Cancer Research

Monument, Colo.—When you hear the words: “Dad has cancer,” it is hard not to worry, especially when you are only 9 years old. But a 7Everyday Hero is fighting back. Her efforts are helping everyone diagnosed with cancer.

In September 2007, Fred Wolfe of Monument was diagnosed with lung cancer.

“It was rough. When we first found out he had cancer it was a downer. We cried for weeks,” said Fred’s wife, Nancy.

At the time, the Wolfes’ daughters were still in elementary school. Morgan was just 11, and Mason was only 9. But Mason had a very grown-up idea.

Watch the Denver Channel 7 News video at the bottom of our Outreach page or Read the story.

Visit Mason’s Web site, www.masonswish.com.