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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Center, in its 30th Year, Continues to Grow, Expand Research Efforts

Friday May 14, 2010


Named in honor of its founder the late Terry C. Johnson, former university distinguished professor and director of Kansas State University’s Division of Biology, the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research at K-State has been working to fight cancer for 30 years.

In 1980, through Johnson’s efforts, the center was designated by the Kansas Legislature. Now, 30 years later, the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research serves as a hub to 70 faculty researchers from five colleges and 12 different departments throughout campus.

“It is unique to have a cancer center at a university without a medical school,” said Marcia Locke, public relations and outreach coordinator for the Johnson Center. “At the Johnson Center, we’re focused on basic research, which provides the foundation for clinical research and clinical trials. You have to have the basic research before you can ever move on to treating anyone.”

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