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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Bascom Lecture Series on Current Issues in Clinical Medicine

The George S. Bascom Memorial Lecture/Workshop Series on Current Issues in Clinical Medicine, started in 1996 and named after a local physician, brings distinguished experts (pdf) to K-State to present to faculty, students, medical care providers, and the general public about challenges faced in clinical medicine and research.

Upcoming Lecture  Sept. 15, 2022

Prescott Deininger, PhD
Director, Tulane Cancer Center

Scientific lecture at 4pm

“Human Mobile Elements:  Instrinsic genome instability”


K-State Fiedler Auditorium

(Fiedler Room 1107) in the Engineering Building Complex

A short reception with cookies will follow the lecture


General  audience lecture at 7pm

"How Genetics, Viruses, and Sleep Change Your Cancer Risk"


Bluestem Bistro

1219 Moro St, Manhattan KS 66502

Snacks will be served.


On Thursday, September 15th, guests can attend two different Bascom Lectures. At 4 pm, guests can enjoy a scientific lecture at the K-State Fiedler Auditorium, Room 1107. The lecture will be given by the Director of the Tulane Cancer Center, Prescott Deininger, Ph.D. Deininger will be giving the scientific lecture on “Human Mobile Elements: Intrinsic genome instability.” A short reception with cookies will follow the lecture.

A second scientific lecture for the general audience will be given by Dr. Prescott Deininger at 7 pm. The lecture will be, “How Genetics, Viruses, and Sleep Change Your Cancer Risk” and will be held at the Bluestem Bistro in Manhattan. Snacks will be served during the lecture.

Dr. Prescott Deininger is an expert in the molecular genetics of cancer. His work is highly influential for other cancer researchers and has been cited by them more than twenty thousand times. His efforts to understand the role of “mobile DNA” in cancer initiation have resulted in millions of dollars in federal support and numerous prestigious awards. Most notable among these honors was the induction into the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, an organization that consists of the country’s most distinguished scientists and engineers.


Past lectures

March 12, 2018, Kevin Ault, MD, presented "The HPV Vaccine: A Missed Opportunity for Cancer Prevention."

Nov. 3, 2016, Michael Hagensee, MD, PhD, presented "HPV Vaccination: From Laboratory to...Bedside?" (webpage includes video)

In 2012, Yvonne Reid, PhD, presented "HeLa Cells and Biomedical Research: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

All Bascom lectures are listed in the document below, available as jpg or pdf.

Bascom History