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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Presentation by K-State Alumni Fellow Robert Kinders, PhD '80

Bob KindersDivision of Biology Seminar
Wed., April 15, 2015
4 p.m.
221 Ackert Hall

Pharmacological activity of the Wee-1 checkpoint kinase inhibitor MK-1775 in a Phase 1 clinical trial

Bob Kinders, PhD, is head of the Pharmacodynamics assay development (PADIS) laboratory at Frederick National Laboratory, part of the National Cancer Institute. The PADIS lab is charged with development and validation of assays to measure the effects, at the molecular level, of new, targeted anticancer agents in first-in-man clinical trials at the NCI Clinical Center.

Dr. Kinders received his doctorate in biology at K-State in 1980, and did postdoctoral studies (with Dr. Terry C. Johnson, our center's namesake) at K-State and the University of Washington School of Medicine. He previously worked extensively in the medical devices industry. Dr. Kinders is one of two K-State College of Arts & Sciences Alumni Fellows this year and he serves on the Johnson Cancer Research Center's Advisory Council.

The success rate for anticancer agents entering clinical trials is no more than 5%. Dr. Kinders’ program is focused on the development of advanced, robust assays of targeted drug action in patient specimens, including biopsies and circulating tumor cells, with the objective of confirming or disproving the proposed mechanism of the investigational agent in early stage clinical trials. This seminar will review the pharmacodynamics data generated for the small molecule checkpoint inhibitor MK-1775, targeting the nuclear kinase WEE-1, in a Phase 1 clinical trial.