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Johnson Cancer Research Center

K-State Cancer Research Week

K-State Cancer Research Week, Sept 12-17 2022, is a week full of cancer research related events to inform about the basic cancer research performed on K-State and fundraising events.The week includes:

Monday: Johnson Cancer Research Center Open House with some labs across campus open for tours as well.

Tuesday: 11:30 am-1pm Cancer Data Blitz in the Union

Wednesday: 7-9 pm Meet the Researcher with Science on Tap at Manhattan Brewing Company

Thursday  Bascom Lecture                                                       

                4pm Scientific Lecture Engineering
                7 pm Bascom Lay Lecture: Bluestem Bistro

Friday: 1pm Rob Regier Memorial Golf Tournament

Saturday: 8 am Ride for a Cure-Ride
               11am -1pm, Ride for a Cure Tailgate Celebration