Dr. Dorith Rotenberg

Department: Plant Pathology
Departmental Website

“The primary research initiative of our virology laboratory is to identify, characterize and quantify host proteins that interact directly with or respond to virus during infection of tissue systems. By elucidating these virus-host molecular and cellular interactions, we will be better equipped to design novel virus control strategies exploiting the specific interaction between host and virus. Several human viruses, including Epstein-Barr virus, Human papillomavirus, and Hepatitis B and C viruses have been shown to either cause or contribute to the development of cancer. Our work is centered on innate immunity, the network of pathways that have been implicated in cellular response to cancer-associated viruses. Conducting basic research to further our understanding of how tissues mount defenses against invading viruses will provide transformative knowledge for identifying proteins that respond to cancer-causing viruses.”