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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Amir Bahadori

Department: Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering
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Excess exposure to ionizing radiation has been demonstrated to increase the risk of cancer for humans.  A person might be exposed to ionizing radiation as a part of his or her job duties (examples include radiologic technologists and astronauts), in a medical setting (such as in a CT exam), or accidentally (such as in a terrorist incident involving a nuclear weapon or a “dirty bomb”).  We use computational tools to determine how much radiation dose the different organs in the human body receive in various exposure scenarios and to explore ways to reduce the resulting cancer risk.  Additionally, we are interested in modeling the response of the human body to radiation using mathematics to predict the progression of radiation-induced cancer and the effectiveness of radiation as a cancer treatment.  The purpose of our research is to better understand and ultimately reduce the risk of cancer caused by ionizing radiation.