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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Dr. John Schlup

Department: Chemical Engineering

Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is a very promising cancer therapy. Its potential, however, is currently limited by our ability to selectively deliver boron to the tumor site. Stem cells are known to assist in the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents in cancer treatment. Our research focuses on improving the effectiveness of BNCT by attaching boron-containing compounds and/or nanoparticles to the surfaces of stem cells, which can then deliver these agents to the tumor site. Therefore, we are attempting to synthesize novel boron-containing agents and/or nanoparticles that can bind to stem cells. In addition, computer models forBNCT can provide an understanding of the feasibility and limitations of this approach to treatment. The nuclear reactions that take place between boron and the neutron beam are being simulated to determine the nature of alpha particles generated and, ultimately, tumor cell death.