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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Jianzhong Yu

Department: Anatomy & Physiology
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Our lab focuses on understanding the control of organ size and tumorigenesis. In most metazoans, organ growth is accompanied by a series of coordinated growth events, including response to environmental cues and coordination of developmental signals. Among such events, the TOR and Hippo signaling pathways play critical roles in attaining proper organ size and maintaining tissue homeostasis. Abnormal TOR or Hippo signaling activities have been found to cause tumorigenesis and be associated with various human diseases, including cancers. Using a combination of genetic and biochemical approaches, our group investigates cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying growth control pathways, with specific emphasis on understanding the molecular mechanisms of TOR and Hippo signaling pathways. Our study will help to understand the coordinated regulation of organ size control by different signaling pathways and various environmental cues.