Linders Family Cancer Research Expansion Award

While start-up funds may provide junior investigators support for personnel and the establishment of the main project of the laboratory, limited funds are available for cancer research supplies. The Cancer Research Expansion Award provides associate JCRC members only with up to $20,000 to expand their cancer research project. This award is aimed at increasing the number of active cancer projects at K-State and the likelihood of finding a cure for cancer. We expect to give 1-2 awards per year. If the project has progressed but not resulted in a cancer-related publication or grant application, a second-year award may be possible. Funds may not pay for personnel, major equipment or travel.

The annual application deadline is March 15.

Learn more and apply here.

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: We have changed to PieStar. You will need to create an account to log in. But this will allow you to save your information as you are working on it!