Designating Memorial Gifts to the Johnson Cancer Research Center


Friends and family members of a recently deceased loved one may want to honor him or her by making memorial gifts to charities favored by the deceased or relevant to his or her life or cause of death. We appreciate memorial gifts very much and thank every donor in writing. We also notify survivor(s) of the deceased, if the donor wishes.

Memorial gifts can be mailed by the funeral director, survivors of the deceased or the donors themselves, or can be made online. Both options allow for noting that the gift is in memory of someone.

Give online

To give online, visit our giving page hosted by the KSU Foundation. After entering your gift amount, you'll have an opportunity to dedicate your gift by completing the "In Memory of" box.

Mail a gift or multiple gifts

When mailing a gift, the donation form on our brochure can guide you through the information we need about who’s giving the gift, who it memorializes, and whom we should notify of it.

If you or the funeral director collect several gifts, you may mail them all in one envelope. If you include a note listing the donors and contact information, we will thank them all. Our Memorial Gift Log Sheet—downloadable as a pdf or Word doc—is an optional tool to help note all the donations.

Whenever possible, please try to mail checks, not cash.

Please mail gift(s) to our gift processing center at:

Cancer Research Fund
Kansas State University Foundation
PO Box 9200
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-1800

Thank you

Thank you for taking a moment at this difficult time to consider supporting our center through memorial gifts honoring your loved one. See how some memorial gifts have made a difference on our Honoring a Loved One page.