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Thompson Family Fund for Cancer Research

Thompson family collage & fund logo

Kansas State Wildcats Quarterback Skylar Thompson and his family invite you to join them in being "part of the cure." In October, all proceeds from Skylar's "Stronger Together" apparel will support their fund for cancer research at Kansas State University. Buy "Stronger Together" apparel or donate here.

"The Thompson Family Fund for Cancer Research honors my mom, Teresa Lynn Thompson, and grandfather, John Walter Thompson. I lost them both to cancer within seven months of each other when I was 6-7 years old. This fund supports K-State's Johnson Cancer Research Center, to help find the cure for this horrible disease. Cancer effects all of us in some way, and my family wants to be a part of the cure, so others don’t have to go through losing their loved ones like we did. Any size donation is appreciated and all funds will go to students and faculty who are researching tirelessly every day to find the cure at K-State."  —Skylar Thompson



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