Conquest Magazine

Our annual Conquest magazine showcases the excellent cancer research being done by faculty and students at Kansas State University, as well as other activities related to K-State's fight against cancer. To get hard copies, please email or call 785-532-6705.

Conquest 2022 (pdf)

Cover of 2022 Conquest

Individual Stories

“Promising discoveries: Microbiology student does research to fight cancer, gain experience for future in medicine” featuring Davanté Hammer, senior in microbiology and pre-medicine (pg. 2)

“Going far with K-State: Biology alumnus helps cure rare diseases” featuring Scott Rottinghaus ‘95, MD (pg. 3)

“Cancer-fighting compounds: Longtime K-State chemist helps detect cancer and discover new drugs” featuring Dr. Duy Hua, chemistry (pg. 4)

“Trimming cancer: Biochemist discovers protein involved in normal and abnormal cell growth” featuring Dr. Erika Geisbrecht, biochemistry and molecular biophysics (pg. 5)

“Toxic treatment: Getting to the heart of the problem” featuring Dr. Carl Ade, kinesiology (pg. 6)

“Stronger together: Quarterback Skylar Thompson rallies support for K-State cancer research” (pg. 7)

“Sparking discovery: Special gift helps explore new idea for fighting leukemia and other blood cancers” about the Linders family’s support of junior faculty, including Dr. Stephanie Shames, biology (pg. 8-9)

Conquest 2021 (pdf)

Cover of 2021 Conquest magazine

Individual Stories

Biologist's cell movement research could pave way to new brain cancer treatment - pg. 2

Beyond the classroom: Biochemistry student works on molecular switch to kill cancer cells - pg. 3

Waves over knives: Engineer develops energy-based alternative to tumor surgery - pgs. 4-5

K-State alumna, OB-GYN says student research experience opened doors to success - pg. 6

Veterinary oncologist fights cancer in pets - pg. 7

Self-proclaimed 'medical miracle' shares her story at Pink Power Luncheon - pg. 8

Leaving a legacy: Flossie E. West Trust creates new paths for breast cancer research and honors namesake - inside back cover

Conquest 2020 (pdf)

2020 Conquest Cover

Individual Stories

K-State scientists change the channel on cancer drug delivery - pgs. 2-3

Radiological engineer works to protect astronauts, and the rest of us, from radiation - pg. 4

The fly on the wall offers clues to help fight cancer - pg. 5

Biology major wants to help solve the puzzle of cancer - pg. 6

Curiosity-driven microbiologist studies life and cancer at the cellular level - pg. 7

From cow brains to human kidneys - pg. 8

Frank Alonso’s loved ones ‘demand better’ with ‘You’ll Never Run Alone 5K’ - inside back cover

Conquest 2019

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Conquest 2018

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