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The fight starts here! From nanoparticles and stem cells to antioxidants and drug discovery, Kansas State University faculty are conducting the basic and translational cancer research that leads to improved prevention, diagnostics and treatments, as well as training future scientists.

Scientists in nearly 100 labs are demystifying cancer from many angles.

Students are in training to become the next generation of scientists.

Information and resources are helping the public understand and fight cancer.

News & Publications

Conquest magazine

Cover of 2021 Conquest magazine


Recent News

Fourteen Kansas State University graduate students receive cancer research awards totaling $95,439

April 30, 2021 - The Johnson Cancer Research Center at Kansas State University has selected 14 graduate students to receive Cancer Research Awards to support their summer research endeavors. read more

K-State cancer researcher Brad Behnke named associate dean for research and graduate studies for College of Health and Human Sciences

March 3, 2021 - Brad Behnke, professor of physiology in the kinesiology department and a member of the Johnson Cancer Research Center, has been named associate dean for research and graduate studies for the College of Health and Human Sciences. Behnke studies cardiovascular function as it relates to aging, muscle disuse and cancer, and works to improve clinical treatments like radiation or chemotherapy.  read more

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You’ll Never Run Alone 5K in memory of Frank Alonso – Sat., July 24

Rob Regier Memorial Golf Tournament - Fri., Sept. 17

Brad Heyka Memorial Golf Tournament - Fri., Oct. 15

K-State Fighting for a Cure Day - Sat., Oct. 16

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