Faculty and student researchers in more than 80 laboratories of 20 K-State departments are demystifying cancer by conducting cutting-edge studies on things like:

  • how cancer forms and progresses.
  • what changes occur in the genetic information of cancer cells.
  • the role of viruses in cancer development.
  • anti-cancer drug discovery.
  • potential methods of diagnosis and treatment.

More detailed information about all K-State's cancer research programs is on our Faculty Researchers page , which lists our faculty members with summaries of their cancer research.

All research opportunities can be found here. Cancer-related collaborative funding awards can be found at this link. Cancer-related ndividual faculty awards can be found at the research funding page. Student research opportunities and funding awards are on the Student Opportunities page.


Read brief stories about K-State cancer research in the SPARC! or archives of the Conquest magazines. You may also be interested in recent publications by the Johnson Cancer Researc Center's members.



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