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Johnson Cancer Research Center


We strive to be a resource for the community. We offer presentations, materials and events to inform the public about cancer, risk reduction, and cancer research at K-State.

Tours and presentations

We are happy to have visitors and to visit groups in the area and give talks about K-State cancer research and our efforts to advance it. Community groups interested in a tour/presentation should call 785-532-6705 or email Marcia to make arrangements.

Cancer education presentations

Preventing cancer is just as important as curing it. We offer presentations about cancer, in general, as well as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, secondhand smoke, and more. Call or email Marcia to arrange a presentation at your location or the center.

A Day With Dr. Waddle children's book

This activity book, written for children by center staff in 1988, is a helpful tool for introducing children to the difficult subject of cancer. Dr. Waddle, a duck who happens to be a scientist, welcomes children into his laboratory for a day and teaches them about science, microscopes, well-behaved normal cells and misbehaved cancer cells, and good health habits. The Spanish edition, Un Día Con el Dr. Waddle, helps children whose first language is Spanish.

When A Friend Has Cancer pamphlet

This beautifully-designed pamphlet, available for free, was created by local cancer survivors, nurses, health-related agencies and others, with support from New Boston Creative Group, to offer ideas on how to show a loved one you care after he or she has been diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. Learn more.

Choose Foods That Lower Your Risk of Cancer brochure

We are pleased to offer this brochure about food choices that lower risk of developing cancer. It was created collaboratively by K-State Research and Extension and the Johnson Cancer Research Center. Learn more.

Pink Power Luncheon

This annual breast cancer awareness luncheon, co-sponsored by Komen for the Cure, offers a presentation; information about breast cancer, risk reduction and resources; and free lunch.

Community engagement

We raise awareness of cancer by collaborating with community organizations and agencies and participating in local health-related activities. We and other members of the Cancer Resource Network of Manhattan—a group of cancer survivors, nurses and other professionals and concerned citizens—produced the When a Friend Has Cancer pamphlet, which offers ideas for supporting loved ones facing cancer. The center prints, stores and distributes it free of charge. Contact Marcia for a free copy.

George S. Bascom Memorial Workshop Series on Current Issues in Clinical Medicine

The Bascom lecture series, established in 1996, brings distinguished experts to K-State to present to faculty, students, medical care providers, and the general public about challenges faced in clinical medicine and research.