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Johnson Cancer Research Center

Undergraduate Cancer Research Award


The Johnson Cancer Research Center helps train the next generation of researchers. It supports undergraduate and graduate students through competitive award programs. All student applications must be sponsored by JCRC faculty members.

A NOTE ABOUT STUDENT TRANSCRIPTS: The Registrar’s Office offers online transcript ordering with an option for electronic PDF delivery. More info is on the Registrar’s website.

Undergraduate Cancer Research Awards

Our undergraduate Cancer Research Awards promote student participation in laboratory research and encourage students to consider research as a possible career early on when they can prepare well for advanced degrees. Such laboratory experience teaches students about the complexities of cancer and research, the scientific method, technical approaches, and the critical analysis of results.

Each fall, the center offers Undergraduate Cancer Research Awards (funded by private donors) to support these faculty-mentored research experiences. Students and JCRC faculty members complete the CRA application together, proposing a project that involves the student in the research team. The students who are selected for the program and fulfill their research commitments receive $1,500 and are recognized during the spring semester. The faculty mentors also receive $1,000 per student (maximum of two students) for research expenses. Applications are judged competitively by a committee that makes recommendations to the center. The application deadline is October 1.

Undergraduate Cancer Research Award Online Application
NOTE TO APPLICANTS: You cannot save or re-enter the application, so have all your information ready before you start.