Cancer Research & Education and Scientific Advisory Councils

The Johnson Cancer Research Center has two advisory councils. The Cancer Research & Education Advisory Council, established in 1980, consists of volunteers who provide guidance from the medical, corporate, and private sectors. The Scientific Advisory Council guides K-State's cancer research endeavors. The council members have been valuable team players, and their willingness to provide energy and guidance to the center is greatly appreciated by the center's faculty, students and staff.


Cancer Research & Education Advisory Council members:

(in alphabetical order)

Emeritus (not pictured unless stated)

Scientific Advisory Council

  • Frank Blecha, University Distinguished Professor, Associate Dean for Research, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University
  • Webster Cavenee, Ph.D., San Diego, CA (not pictured)
  • Elaine Jacobson, PhD, Co-Founder, President, Chief Scientist, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Niadyne, Inc. Fort Worth, TX
  • Bob Kinders, PhD, Director of Pharmacodynamics, Frederick National Laboratory, National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis, Walkersville, MD (not pictured)
  • Beth Montelone, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research, Kansas State University (not pictured)