Dr. Duy Hua

Department: Chemistry
Departmental Website

Feature story in JCRC's 2022 Conquest magazine

Our group focuses on two cancer-related projects:

1) Bimetallic nanoclusters as catalysts for carbon-hydrogen oxidation and functionalization. Sometimes, FDA-approved drugs and natural products can be altered slightly to offer new benefits. We are using nanoparticles of two metals, like copper and gold or palladium and gold, stabilized by certain polymers, as catalysts to oxidize and alter the function of bioactive and complex molecules. This process can help discover novel anti-cancer pharmaceutical agents.

2) Electronic detection and profiling of specific overexpressed breast cancer proteases. We are working with Dr. Jun Li to develop a breast cancer diagnostic device that electronically detects and profiles specific enzymes that are more prevalent in the blood samples of people with breast cancer than in others.